Give-A-Shit Knit Kits

Meditative Knitting

Knitting is not just about the finished product. Sure the satisfaction that you get when you pull on your first finished hand-knit beanie is close to nirvana, but the actual act of creating something out of nothing has been proven to provide numerous therapeutic benefits.

Knitting has meditative qualities—the repetitive motions, the counting, the concentrated silence—and has been proven to reduce cortisol levels and blood pressure, lowering stress and anxiety.But unlike meditation, knitting also provides a finished, tangible product that can elicit an extraordinary sense of accomplishment, of focus, of pride, and of worth.
Therefore knitting has been recommended to help decrease pain, manage depression, increase self-worth, and manage stress.

Want to hear a couple of ways knitting helps?

It teaches perseverance: When you see that dropped stitch three rows down and you have to rip and go back--there’s realization, frustration, and eventually acceptance. Then you move on.
It increases confidence, better equipping you to deal with obstacles.
It takes focus away from perceived pain (both physical and emotional).
It gives your wandering mind something to concentrate on.
It makes you productive while resting.
It fills long stretches of time.
This doesn’t have to mean hospital waiting rooms, but it’s great for those too.
It encourages you to look forward to tomorrow. 

Introducing: Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits. 

Young adults undergoing cancer treatment often deal with a combination of physical and emotional trials. If knitting can help, we want to give them the materials that can make a difference in their quality of life.

In each Kn*t Sh*t Kit, we’ve partnered with Lion Brand Yarn to provide wool, needles, a pattern, and anything else a patient may need in order to complete a knitted project. Our friends over at Emulsion Printhouse have donated these awesome Give-A-Sh*t totes to hold each project. We write our patterns in-house specifically for this purpose.  The only thing that you need to add is some patience and willing fingers.
Plus, when in doubt of a specific stitch, patients can head over to this page to watch videos we created with Hive Studio (who donated their time and expertise for the initiative)- all of our patterns will link back so that there's as little confusion as possible. 

**We do not sell our kits- they were created to give back to our peers in a special way, not to make money. If you know of a young adult with cancer who could use some fun knit sh*t, give us a shout, otherwise please understand these are only donated and not for sale**
So give a sh*t. We do.
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