Beanie Season Is Here!

I come bearing good and bad news. The bad news is that the rain is visiting more often than not and the sun seems to have disappeared. The good news is that STIK has officially announced today, the fifth of October, as the start of BEANIE SEASON!!!! How? When? Where? Well, look outside and tell us you don’t need a new beanie… we dare you!

 There’s no better season than beanie season and to celebrate the start, we will be releasing new products over the next few months. We’re just getting started…

 See what’s available now: 

Feeling MONOTONE from the prospect of winter? We hear you. 

NEUTRALS? We got you - our camel color is officially here and it is here to stay.. in your closet, on your head, around your neck? You name it. 

STATEMENT PIECE? Now, we got-got you. But it wouldn’t be a statement if we told you now, just know that it’s here and it’s

From those chilly nights to the ones that freeze you in your tracks, you can count on us to make sure “Sh*t, its cold” is a statement of the past. So stay tuned, and happy shopping


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