Style n Shit: Maine Bags & Goods

Hey STIK peeps! We’re kicking off this new blog series featuring brands and products that we LOVE to pair with our shit. If you haven’t already noticed, the STIK clique has an appreciation for high quality, simple, but stylin’ brands and products.

two navy Maine Bags and Goods bags

We thought we’d first feature a product that Christina uses every single day-- her Maine Bag. Maine bags have a simplicity that make them versatile and perfect for any season. Similar to STIK products, Maine Bags are handcrafted one at a time. Its founder, Tori Yattaw, has a focus on unique design elements and craftsmanship making her pieces distinct and beautiful.

Tori is a totally self-taught artist who always enjoyed creating enormous oil paintings. When she began to make bags, she taught herself to sew with YouTube videos and Pinterest tutorials. This is also where she learned topstitching (kinda like on baseball gloves), which became a signature detail on her bags. Tori is driven by passion. She started her business waking up before the sun came up to fulfill orders while she maintained a full-time job as a Controller and Human Resources Manager for a manufacturing company (can you say Girl Boss?).

CMO rocking a Shit That I Knit hat and Maine Bag

Bi-weekly Update: Kicking Off Summer

We’re SUPER excited for this upcoming season. It’s going to be HUGE. So as part of preparation for that, we’ll be back in action with regular blog post updates! As tomorrow is the first official day of summer, we thought we would give you a quick update on our beginning of the summer shenanigans.

Last week you met the Shit Interns (and if you haven’t, check out those shitheads below). They’ve each been jumping right in and taking on various marketing projects and initiatives that they’re interested in. Shit That I Knit HQ is extra fun on Tuesdays when we’re all here together bouncing ideas off each other and collaborating. Last Tuesday Chief Mom Officer (CMO) brought us a yummy lunch and cookies (thanks Mom!!!).

We’re really excited to announce that we have two new budding partnerships for the Give-A-Sh*t program with young adult cancer programs in Chicago and New York. It will be awesome to grow this initiative beyond Dana-Farber in Boston. On the merchandise end, all the styles and colors for this season have been picked out (rly good new shit) and it’s all in the works in Peru-- v exciting. Oh! And CKO picked out a wedding dress! But it’s top secret so don’t ask.

Linus had a false alarm rash-->sporting Dad's t-shirt

Meet the Shit Interns!

We are stoked to have three marketing interns joining us this summer to ramp up grassroots branding efforts, expand social media presence and reach, and generate creative content. They’ll handle all-things marketing while Christina tackles all the other shit that goes into getting ready for the upcoming 2017-2018 season. Keep reading to learn more about our marketing superstars!


Daphne Vantine, Sh*t That I Knit summer intern

Daphne, our “grassroots girl,” hails from Cape Cod and is heading into her senior year at the University of Delaware as an entrepreneurship major. Daphne has always had an entrepreneurial drive and is quite the Girl Boss herself. For over a year she has been running her own business painting recycled driftwood from her favorite spots in Maine. Check out her super impressive sh*t on Instagram or here on Etsy! Daphne, creative and fun, will be working on grassroots campaigns to expand the Sh*t That I Knit brand. 


 Hannah Swanson, Sh*t That I Knit summer intern

Hannah, the “social animal,” treks from Connecticut each day she comes to work. Hannah is a rising senior at Fordham University majoring in Communications. She will be leveraging her expert social media experience to enhance our social media presence on channels that don’t get as much attention as Instagram. When she’s not killing the social media game, you can find Hannah at the beach, hangin’ with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Ella, or working at an ice cream shop. She brings great energy and enthusiasm and we are excited to have her on our team for the summer! 


Sarah Jackson, Sh*t That I Knit summer intern

 Sarah (pictured on the right) is our “content creator” and has a particular interest in Sh*t That I Knit’s social impact with the Give-A-Sh*t program and sourcing from Peru. Sarah will also be heading into her senior year at Boston College majoring in Marketing. She is originally from Norfolk, MA, but now resides on the Cape. When she’s not at the Sh*t That I Knit HQ, you can catch her relaxing on the beach or scooping ice cream! Her main focus this summer will be writing blog posts and creating content around STIK’s social impact initiatives.

Give-A-Sh*t Update

Extensive knitting equation that describes positive effects or benefits of knitting

^Knitting is the shit. Young adult cancer patients are also the shit. They’re a population of cancer patients who deal with unique challenges in battling cancer  including infertility, secondary cancers, neurocognitive difficulties, chronic pain and heart conditions. Young adult cancer patients are also more likely to encounter difficulty returning to school or work and to experience depression.

Recognizing all of the positive effects of knitting listed above, about a year ago, we launched the Give-A-Sh*t program in partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Young Adult Program.

Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits for young adult cancer patients

The 1-for-1 program entails donating a Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kit to adolescent and young adult cancer patients. The kits include all the materials needed to complete a simple piece of knitwear as well as how-to videos for new knitters. Check out this page for reasons why knitting is especially healthy for young adult cancer patients.

We’re super excited about the success of our partnership with Dana-Farber and the Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits and are currently trying to grow the program to young adult cancer programs across the country. Sh*t That I Knit and the Give-A-Sh*t have been in the spotlight recently both on NBC News and in Dana-Farber’s monthly newsletter, kind of a BFD!!


The Gunn Beanie in White Lie is BACK

Deciding when to reorder: A Tale of A Serious Learning Curve 

So, as some of you may know, my name is Christina and I decided to quit my job when I was 25 and start a business selling Sh*t That I had Knit. I will admit, I did not have a business plan or really any clue of what I was truly getting myself into - I just had this gut feeling (a sort of blind faith if you will), that it would work out. Here are some things that I had never done before that would be helpful in this moment: been a fashion designer, known what the hell inventory management was, owned a Pantone book, been a detail-oriented person, this list goes on and on... 

But despite all of the things I lacked in knowledge of starting my own company -  it's working and it's working more than I could have ever imagined in our second season together. It's working so well that I flat out didn't order enough sh*t, especially this hat ^^ that all of you want. One of the reasons is, I simply didn't have the capital to buy all of the knit sh*t up front, and the other is that I never could have predicted the success of this early season.

When it came to reordering this late in the game, I tried to fight it at first- "no Christina, do NOT get ahead of yourself, sell the other sh*t first and then see if you need to reorder," I told myself. "Don't give the people what they want!" I exclaimed! 

But now it is November 29th- the winter has not even begun, and we are sold out. Sold out of everything everyone wants. Am I upset? Absolutely. Do I have a stomach ache every time I look at the shelving unit my mom and I built that was supposed to be full of knit sh*t through to February? You bet I do. 

SO, the moment you've all been waiting for: I am reording everything in White Lie. You can get more of that sh*t so that you can twin with Kristin Cavallari and have the most beautiful hat on the market. While you wait, I will send you a beautifully wrapped picture of the hat in case it's a gift, so you can put it under the tree and not be like my sister Serena who always says... "oh your present is in the mail..." (when it really is not). 

The reason it will take so long to get to you is: we make all of our merino wool in Peru. It takes a while to get it so soft and beautiful. And then these amazing women hand-knit each piece. And THEN Santa has to fly it up here on a freight forwarding truck and sometimes customs strip searches him. So be patient and it will be here just as everything is cold and wet and disgusting out and you are so happy to see your hat arrive at your front door!! 


Sh*t I Do While Knitting

  • Ask what just happened in the movie.
  • Be a horrible co-pilot. (“We were supposed to turn left back there. Yeah, back there. Sorry ... But look how pretty! ... I'll just turn on Siri.)
  • Fly in a plane.
  • Pretend I’m listening to a complaining friend.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Wonder if knitting is good for my diet because I go for like 2 hours without eating a handful of Nestle’s chocolate chips. 
  • Wonder if shellac manicures are worth it.
  • Ride the metro and hold on to my ball of yarn for dear life hoping it won't roll through the MUCK that is public transit flooring.
  • Avoid eye contact with those on public transit that catch me watching them.
  • Try on half-finished, knit garments and go look at myself in the mirror.
  • Plan future knitting projects.
  • Drink wine.
  • Nuzzle my yarn like a kitten.
  • Ask if anyone needs help in the kitchen. Then quickly change topics.