The Gunn Beanie in White Lie is BACK

Deciding when to reorder: A Tale of A Serious Learning Curve 

So, as some of you may know, my name is Christina and I decided to quit my job when I was 25 and start a business selling Sh*t That I had Knit. I will admit, I did not have a business plan or really any clue of what I was truly getting myself into - I just had this gut feeling (a sort of blind faith if you will), that it would work out. Here are some things that I had never done before that would be helpful in this moment: been a fashion designer, known what the hell inventory management was, owned a Pantone book, been a detail-oriented person, this list goes on and on... 

But despite all of the things I lacked in knowledge of starting my own company -  it's working and it's working more than I could have ever imagined in our second season together. It's working so well that I flat out didn't order enough sh*t, especially this hat ^^ that all of you want. One of the reasons is, I simply didn't have the capital to buy all of the knit sh*t up front, and the other is that I never could have predicted the success of this early season.

When it came to reordering this late in the game, I tried to fight it at first- "no Christina, do NOT get ahead of yourself, sell the other sh*t first and then see if you need to reorder," I told myself. "Don't give the people what they want!" I exclaimed! 

But now it is November 29th- the winter has not even begun, and we are sold out. Sold out of everything everyone wants. Am I upset? Absolutely. Do I have a stomach ache every time I look at the shelving unit my mom and I built that was supposed to be full of knit sh*t through to February? You bet I do. 

SO, the moment you've all been waiting for: I am reording everything in White Lie. You can get more of that sh*t so that you can twin with Kristin Cavallari and have the most beautiful hat on the market. While you wait, I will send you a beautifully wrapped picture of the hat in case it's a gift, so you can put it under the tree and not be like my sister Serena who always says... "oh your present is in the mail..." (when it really is not). 

The reason it will take so long to get to you is: we make all of our merino wool in Peru. It takes a while to get it so soft and beautiful. And then these amazing women hand-knit each piece. And THEN Santa has to fly it up here on a freight forwarding truck and sometimes customs strip searches him. So be patient and it will be here just as everything is cold and wet and disgusting out and you are so happy to see your hat arrive at your front door!! 


Sh*t I Do While Knitting

  • Ask what just happened in the movie.
  • Be a horrible co-pilot. (“We were supposed to turn left back there. Yeah, back there. Sorry ... But look how pretty! ... I'll just turn on Siri.)
  • Fly in a plane.
  • Pretend I’m listening to a complaining friend.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Wonder if knitting is good for my diet because I go for like 2 hours without eating a handful of Nestle’s chocolate chips. 
  • Wonder if shellac manicures are worth it.
  • Ride the metro and hold on to my ball of yarn for dear life hoping it won't roll through the MUCK that is public transit flooring.
  • Avoid eye contact with those on public transit that catch me watching them.
  • Try on half-finished, knit garments and go look at myself in the mirror.
  • Plan future knitting projects.
  • Drink wine.
  • Nuzzle my yarn like a kitten.
  • Ask if anyone needs help in the kitchen. Then quickly change topics.

A Few Updates for F/W 2016

Dear YOU, 

First of all, thanks for being here. Thanks for signing up for our email list or visiting our blog or liking our silly Instagram posts or buying our knit sh*t. Thanks for supporting this dream.

I’m not sure when you showed up—maybe you knew me in middle school when I had a bowl cut and first learned how to knit? Maybe you met me and my mom at SoWa in the fall of 2014 when we sold the knit hats that we spent all summer knitting ourselves? Maybe you read about the STIK Clique that formed in February of 2015, when we assembled a group of 20-somethings in Boston to join our knitting revolution? Maybe you supported our KickStarter, which was funded in under 24 hours, and rocked one of our knit hats during the first real Sh*t That I Knit season? Maybe you’re a newbie (hi and welcome!) and have no idea what I am talking about… but you know how to read and it’s pretty evident that Sh*t That I Knit has experienced many different phases as it evolved into the company we are so proud of today.

So as we evolve further, we have some exciting updates for the Fall/Winter 2016 season:

  • 1:1 Program: Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits: This year, for every hat we sell online, we will be donating a Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kit to a young adult with cancer. These kits contain wool, needles, a pattern, and anything else a patient may need in order to complete a knitted project. Knitting has been linked to provide meditative and therapeutic benefits and it’s a great activity to take your mind off of things when you’re not doing so hot. We are excited to share our love of knitting with those who are going through a particularly sh*tty time.
  • Sh*t That I Knit in PERU: We are pumped to announce that an amazing group of women in Lima, Peru will be knitting the bulk of our knit sh*t this season. What does this mean for you? Not that much, but now your purchase of a hat provides a viable income for women who have practiced in the art of knitting for generations. They are experts in the craft. And since all of our yarn is sourced in Peru, it kinda really makes sense to keep it all in one place.
  • Prices: If you’ve given our website a gander recently, you’ll notice that we’ve lowered our prices. As we’ve grown, we’ve become more efficient in how we source our materials, thus making our prices dramatically lower. But this price change does NOT reflect our products’ quality. I’d argue that our merino wool is softer than ever.
  • Free Shipping: Because who doesn’t love free shipping?! It’s my favorite kind.

We could not do this without all of your love and support. We value your feedback, so please drop a line if you have any questions or comments about these recent changes.

We CANNOT wait for it to be hat wearing season!!!


Christina + Everyone at STIK


Real-Time Knitting on Netflix

So I just binge-watched the entire season of Stranger Things on Netflix this weekend while knitting. If you haven't see it yet,  you're welcome in advanced for the recommendation. 
But Netflix is trying something new which takes binge-knitting to the next level. 
Slow TV, started in Norway, televise mundane events like 6-hour train rides and ladies sitting and knitting. 
Maybe we'll watch and pick up some tips?
Read full article here:



Yesterday was the first day of summer, but summer really began for us back in early May on a trip over to Nantucket for what I expected to be a cozy knitting getaway. Knowing that we would be staying the beautiful 21Broad for the weekend, I figured we'd be playing lots of scrabble in their v stylish lounge and cozying up in sweaters (I brought 4) for ambling down the cobble stone streets. It's cold in May on the island! 

I was wrong... and TBH, very little knitting got done. 

Saturday rolled around and the sun was hot. We hit up the grocery store and grabbed sandwich fixings and then snagged bikes at Young's Bicycle (it is ON Broad St. btw AND they have cute baskets) and headed out for trip to Cisco Beach. The bike path around the island is ideal for cruising along, enjoying the views without fearing for your life. It's also a plus that Cisco Brewery was on the way, so had to stop there and pick up a six pack for the beach. 

Cisco Beach, which is typically insanely crowded, was like our own private beach. We lay out all day, making sandos and reading trashy magazines; it truly felt like a hot summer day, some of us (Alex) even got really sunburned. 

When it came time to head back, we knew that 21Broad, being the cool place it is, has a BYOB bar but they supply all of the mixing funtimes. Since we were on Island Time, mon, we grabbed some rum to mix with 21Broad's bar and of course, a bottle of rosé. Sitting out on their deck felt like a little oasis right in the heart of Nantucket. So relaxed and chill, makes you feel like it's your own deck and you're simply surrounded by some cool friends rather than a guest at a stuffy hotel.  

It's also much easier to get a dinner reservation during the "off season" and after our cocktail hour on the outdoor porch, we walked over to Cru for a yummy dinner. 

We unfortunately had to skidaddle early-ish on Sunday, but not before enjoying the best hotel breakfast I've ever had. I feel like a "continental breakfast" consists of stale scones and watery yogurt... this is not the case at 21Broad. Fresh croissants, donuts from a local shop, greek yogurt and fresh berries. You could say I really indulged. 

All in all, our weekend was divine. The staff at 21Broad could NOT be nicer. Alex and I have decided that Korin might be in the nicest person we have ever met? (Sorry to everyone else we've ever met...) I would HIGHLY recommend any of the Lark Hotels to my friends and suggest that you all check out this v cool, boutique hotel chain for your next trip - Napa anyone?! And, hit up Nantucket when all of the other humans are still sitting in the city. Early May and late September are now my go-to's. 



Pineapple Purist

Hey Party People- Christina here.

So, this weekend I put down my knitting needles and tried my hand in being a domestic goddess: I wallpapered my bathroom. Unlike the wallpapering goddesses that come before me (like my mom), this wallpaper does not require cutting pieces, roughing up your walls, dipping the pieces in "sizing" and subsequently breaking up with your boyfriend over a fight about who is doing it right. 

No, no, no, this is easier. For starters, I did it ALONE. I am quite happy with that decision, as I think that my boyfriend would have in fact dumped me if he had seen the first attempt at putting up a panel without reading the instructions first. It really helps to read instructions first. I laughed in a really strange and maniacal way, I screamed swear words that are much worse than sh*t, and then took a break. 

But once I had read the instructions and got a good system going, I became addicted. I did the whole bathroom before noon and it was SO worth it. I think I'll go ahead and make a bed in the bathtub and live in here for a while. 

Walls Need Love is this v cool company based out of Nashville, TN and they have the cutest wallpaper patterns in the entire world. Not only is it the cutest in the world, it is temporary- meaning if you rent like I do (or have wallpaper commitment issues), you can wallpaper your entire apartment without getting in trouble with your landlord. It also is a LOT easier than the old-school stuff where you pretty much need to hire someone professional to put that sh*t up. I am NOT a professional nor am I one of those girls who is just really good at decorating and being domestic, but I was able to do this on my own and with only one or two quick breakdowns (mainly due to the fact that I am ADD, impatient, somewhat nuts, and I didn't read the instructions first). 

I personally think that bathrooms are a perfect place to showcase your zany side. Why not cover the whole thing in pineapples or funny dancing frogs doing country club sports?! Go for it! Head to Walls Need Love and use my promocode: "knitshit15" to get 15% off! GO! DO IT! YOU WILL LOVE IT!