September Favorites

Ashley: I recently found this amazing sweatshirt that I’m obsessed with. It’s warm, cozy, and feels a little ‘fancier’. Since the collar stands up, I won’t feel frumpy on that Friday morning zoom call. The half-zip sweater/sweatshirt trend is huge this season and I’m here for it. Bring on the fall weather!

Claudia: Since we are now back in the office a couple times a week, I decided I needed a new to-go coffee mug. However, one of the things I really don’t like about to-go coffee mugs is the metal interior. I think it ends up making the coffee taste like metal! So I was on a hunt for a very specific type and came across the Porter to-go coffee mug! It’s a ceramic mug wrapped in silicone, so it protects your mug and your hand. It comes in so many fun colors, too. I highly recommend it!! 

Shams: I recently purchased this electric bamboo grill and it CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Picture this: you have all of your friends over, get some really good meat, and make your own Korean BBQ at home!!! I love Korean BBQ and I love staying at home so you could only imagine how I felt once I saw this grill. 

Meg: I was looking for the perfect birthday outfit for my daughter's first birthday, and came across Josie Bee Clothing Co through a virtual mom's group I'm in! Beyond custom smocked dresses and bubbles for babies, the founder Caroline also creates the sweetest holiday designs. I know where I'll be going for all our themed attire for many years to come!

Sarah: This month, one of my favorite purchases has been a “Southie” bracelet from Boston Beaded, a local custom jewelry company. Boston Beaded hand makes those beaded bracelets that you’re seeing absolutely everywhere. The bracelets are colorful and trendy and you can even customize them with any word or for any occasion. I love seeing all the stacks she creates on Instagram for bachelorette parties, gifts, locations, etc.!

Tessa: I’ve been a big fan of Hu Kitchen and their salty dark chocolate bars for years, but somehow never got into their dark chocolate almond hunks with sea salt until recently. These are the real deal - made with pure ingredients (none of the unnecessary sh*t you find in a lot of chocolate!) and are the optimal chunk size. I stock these in my freezer permanently because you never know when you might need a handful! 

Christina: I made a goal (by myself) to cook one *new* recipe a week! I am really a terrible cook and figured this was somewhat achievable. For the past month, I’ve cooked FOUR new recipes from Bon Appétit and I plan on keeping up the habit! I’m already noticing a little bit of new confidence around trying new techniques. I’m also building up my pantry of spices and staples, which is making it less daunting to buy the groceries for each meal. Fave so far was this sheet pan gnocchi - so easy and really delicious!! Next time I make it I’m going to try it with cauliflower gnocchi for a slightly lighter faire. 


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