Commu(knit)y: The Waeve, Follain, Kick It by Eliza

Sh*t That I Knit: for women, by women, to honor women. We wouldn’t be the STIK we are today without our incredible commu(knit)y. Their interests are wide; their ideas are vast; their strength is unmatched, and their stories are inspiring. Overall, they are the absolute SH*T! 

Tiiso, Susana, and Mary are the founders of The Waeve, a company that aims to provide women with wigs that are authentic, varied, and used to express originality, uniqueness, as well as pay homage to women of color. Their aim is to empower women of color by providing them with fashion forward wigs at affordable prices. A portion of their revenue goes to Black Girls Code supporting Black women to take part in STEM and tech fields. 

Tara Foley is the founder of Follain, a clean beauty curator and creator. Tara is an advocate for complete transparency in the beauty industry, one that is often overlooked. Through her own clean and healthy living journey, she founded Follain to provide everyone with clean products that are not only good for you but work better than other products available. Through the commitment to all that is clean, Follain was able to produce its own skincare line that goes hand in hand with Tara’s mission of a well rounded balance between transparency and performance. 

Eliza Shirazi is the founder of Kick It by Eliza, an award-winning fitness and lifestyle brand. Her aim is to empower women through fun fitness and dance. Eliza streams high intensity interval training with elements from kickboxing, boxing, and dance, an homage to happiness and health. She also has her own fitness clothing brand.  

 Can’t wait to share more about this amazing commu(knit)y! 

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