Summer Favorites!

Meg: My monthly fave is my go-to scent - Glossier You. I've had a bottle of this for a while, but it didn't get much use in 2020. Now that we've been back in the office and I've had some fun summer plans, it's my go-to spritz for everyday. It's subtle - a hint of floral with spicy undertones - and I've received countless compliments while wearing it. My favorite part is that it was developed to smell unique on each individual - your personal pH levels work to elevate the fragrance. Now don't get me wrong - I'm all for a "signature" scent bringing me back to certain times in my life (Chloe transports me to 22 years old in a NYC dive bar), but this scent smells timeless. 

Sarah: This month I’ve been busy getting ready to move into a new apartment. I am so excited to get settled in and finally refresh my room decorations. My friends got me an ACK v Hamps painting for my birthday, I’m obsessed, and I’m itching to build my collection. ACK v Hamps are 10x10” watercolor paintings of signature aspects of everyone’s favorite spots on Nantucket/New England and the Hamptons/New York and New Jersey. They are such a cute way to remember memories made in each spot. My friends got me the Stowe gondola to commemorate our time skiing there last winter. I have my eyes on a couple of the Boston and Nantucket ones but there are too many good ones to choose!

Christina: This month I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friend’s weddings and totally splurged on an Agua by Agua Bendita dress! While the style I got is no longer available, I cannot recommend her more! Every pattern is so unique - I’ve never worn a more complimented dress! I have my eye on a few of her other designs! 

Shams: A favorite of mine has got to be the Chamberlain Coffee Cold Brew Elephant - XL Cold Brew Bags. You just take the coffee bag, insert it in a jar with water, and the next morning you have the most delicious cold brew to add to your favorite coffee recipes! It’s easy, delicious, quick, and it comes in the prettiest packaging (and that’s the most important part, duh!). 

I have also rediscovered my love for Drybar’s The Single Shot Blow-Dryer Brush, it is so easy to use and leaves you with the blowout of your dreams.

Tessa: I finally caved and got the Dyson Airwrap this month. My friends have been raving about it for so long, and I’m happy to report that I completely agree it’s 100% worth it. I have no patience for styling my hair (I’d much rather pay to get a blowout then attempt anything at home), but now with the Airwrap it is SO easy to get a salon-level look. It’s a little intimidating to use at first because there are so many options so I’d recommend watching some of the short styling tutorials to get acclimated. With so many weddings coming up, I know I’ll be breaking out my Dyson a lot! 

Claudia: My favorite thing this month is probably my hot pink Zara linen shirt. I have worn it the entire summer as either a cover up to the beach, or as a regular top running errands. It’s so lightweight so it’s been a good thing to throw on in this heat. I might have to cave and buy another one in a different color. It’s the perfect summer top, I highly recommend it! 

Peter: My favorite thing(s) this month are (no big surprise) a few new New Balance 327 shoes.  The 327 has become my go to shoe (and a bit of an obsession my wife would say.)  I just love the look and all the really cool colorways and collaborations.  And to top it off, they are actually really comfortable too. 

Ashley: Okay, hear me out. My favorite thing this month is the MEATER® | Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer | For BBQ & Kitchen Cooking. It’s such an amazing tool to cook with; my husband tells the app what kind of meat it is and the temperature he wants it cooked at, and viola, it’s done! Ladies/Gents, get this if your SO is struggling with the grille! 


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