How You Can Help Those in Afghanistan

STIK wanted to take a moment to think about Afghanistan and all of the struggles people are going through. We stand with our fellow Afghani sisters and wish ease upon them. Here is how to help innocents in Afghanistan. Let us all unite with one another to help each other! 

International Rescue Committee (IRC) Donation

    The IRC has made it its mission to helping those in Afghanistan by delivering aid. The higher funds they are able to acquire, the more people they are able to help by providing cash assistance as well as protection services. Here is where you can donate to the IRC

International Medical Corps

    Offering medical services and training to those in the country, the International Medical Corps is also accepting much needed financial assistance to provide health services to those in need. Here is where you can donate to the IMC. 

Women for Afghan Women

    Noted as the largest organization in the country to offer support for women, Women for Afghan Women is currently accepting donations in order to provide women a safe haven, aid, as well as resources for their children and families. Here is where to donate to this organization

Child Foundation 

    This organization’s mission is to help children in poverty gain access to an education. They have recently created the “Afghanistan Crisis Fund for Emergency Assistance” supporting over 800 children. All the contributions they are gaining are going into feeding families. They have managed to raise $15,000 and fed 300 families. Here is where you can lend a helping hand

We can all come together to help those in Afghanistan. Even if it is contributing a little bit, uniting with one another could catalyze a much needed change in Afghanistan.

 To Afghanistan, we have seen your pain and we pray for your comfort every single day.


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