Back to School


Not only are classes starting soon, but it would be the first time in over a year that they will be held in person. I don’t know about you, but I definitely grew accustomed to throwing on a shirt and staying in my pajama bottoms. While I could still do that, I need to refresh my social skills and how I present myself to the outside world. Here is everything you need to prepare for starting classes again!


While school is starting back in person, COVID is still very much an issue. Don’t forget to bring in your sanitizers for a peace of mind. A brand that I have been obsessing over is Shimmy. Not only are their sanitizers some of the best smelling out there, but they are environmentally conscious!


The end of the Zoom era seems to be dawning upon us. I personally don’t have any pants in my closet at this point, so here is a reminder to you and me that we need to get ourselves a pair of comfortable, and reliable pants. These trousers from Free People are as comfortable as PJ pants, but look as good as actual pants. You’re welcome.


Call me old school but I am not one to take notes on a laptop. I prefer the pen and paper method. I think it helps you stay focused and retain information much quicker and for a longer period of time. I think Papier has some of the cutest supplies. They are fully customizable, come in every format you need, and just bring joy to a not so joyful occasion. They also have everything to meet your stationary needs, so go ahead!!!! 


If it hadn’t been for coffee, I don’t think I would have been able to function during classes. But going to your favorite barista is really pricey and costs could really add up. I have been using Chamberlain coffee’s Cold Brew Elephant- XL Cold Brew Bags and let me tell you: ITS CHANGED MY COFFEE GAME. The coffee has notes of caramel and chocolate, heavily caffeinated, and tastes so good. 

School Spirit

A little of the right attitude can go a really long way. What better way to represent that through STIK’s very own collegiate headband? 100% Merino wool, perfect balance between warmth and a great hair day, looks cute, and feels even better. You’ll be sailing through the semester all cozied up. 


To repeat, the zoom days are over. You’re going to have to go out and experience all types of weather. How do you mesh both worlds and look cute while still feeling comfortable you ask? The Scotia Sweater, that’s all. 

Let’s destress before the real stress takes over! Goodluck to all of you this semester. 




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