Where do the proceeds go?

Hey guys, another day, another blog post. This topic has been on my mind for a while now, especially after I got the same question multiple times over the holiday season…

“So where do the proceeds go?”

I will be totally honest, I have actually answered this question by saying, “Ummm, they go to the company bank account...” Any PR firm would tell me that is not a good answer to this question - in fact, it’s pretty rude and usually coming from a very tired business owner. But the fact is, Sh*t That I Knit is not a non-profit, and guess what - neither is our team in Lima. In fact, our team in Lima (where I’m assuming people think the proceeds go), is a sophisticated, hard-working group of entrepreneurs.  

As customers, many of us hear about a company "giving back", and we're trained to think that the company operates on a one-for-one model (like TOMS or Warby Parker). We love the way these companies, and we're very supportive of their missions. But, at STIK, we are giving back by simply doing business the right way. We are employing people and paying them a fair wage for the work that they do. Plus, we are using sustainable materials that are good for the earth. Pretty straightforward, huh?

But before you X out of this thinking we aren’t doing enough, let me explain how the way we’ve chosen to do business is making a difference, without it being a charity.

  • The product creation process starts in Arequipa, Peru, where all of our yarn is made. That yarn is made especially for STIK with 100% Merino Wool (or for wraps - 100% Baby Alpaca). It’s super chunky, warm, and 100% real. That yarn is then distributed to our team of knitters, which is comprised of lots of different groups of women.
  • Each group has a Knitting Leader - she trains and manages anywhere from 10 to 80 knitters in her group.
  • The Knitting Leader owns her own business. With our help, she learns how to calculate the cost of each garment PLUS the overhead she incurs by running a business (cell phone bills, accountant, rent, transportation - you name it). On top of the costs, she also factors in her profit and the taxes associated with running a biz. Who needs Business School?! It’s complex, sophisticated and a lot of work.
  • Each knitter is paid a fair wage based on the hourly standards of the Peruvian Work Ministry - the Knitting Leader determines the hours associated with each garment and pays accordingly.
    • Many of the women working in our groups have only worked informally, on a cash basis for other brands. In our case, they all have bank accounts, direct deposits, and pay taxes.
  • Peru is considered a chauvinistic society. It’s rare for women to find work outside of the home, especially when they have children. The work they do for us provides financial independence, plus the flexibility to work from or close to home. Many of the women who run our knitting groups have lived lives far different than I have - moving to Lima at a young age to find work in a home, getting pregnant quite young, or not completing Secondary School. We’re providing unique opportunities that truly make a difference in their lives and in their children’s lives.

So, sparknotes version: we pay our team in Lima the same way we pay our team in Boston - fairly and for the work that they do.

Speaking anecdotally from my first visit to our team in Lima, the knitting groups mean far more than just an occupation to many of these women. We went around and listened to stories of friendship, support, and fulfillment - how this job, for many of the women, creates greater meaning in their lives.

What does this mean for you?? By supporting Sh*t That I Knit, you are supporting this wonderful supply chain. You are choosing to support a group of artisans over mass-produced, fast fashion brands. We care about our team and work together collaboratively. 

We’ll write a separate blog post about how the Give-A-Sh*t Knit Kits came to be - it was organic and authentic and simply a wonderful way to use our platform to give back to our community of young adults. But for the time being, I hope you can appreciate how a small business like Sh*t That I Knit is making a difference in women’s lives in Peru by being fair, honest business people. 

Shows to watch now by Christina

“Knitflix and Chill” Semi-Current Shows

The weather this long weekend is supposed to be pretty snowy and cold or rainy or IDK maybe it’s going to be nice out, I honestly only heard my mom say it was going to be gross out. So chances are (if she’s right) you might need some TV recs from yours truly.

This list is in no particular order of my favoritism. I am a TV binger… it’s embarrassing and I should probably talk to a therapist about it, but I need background noise always and love TV. Will say though, that my favorite show ever is Breaking Bad. You cannot change my mind. I’ve watched it in totality like 7 times. Okay moving on. Because I would be at work all night if I listed EVERY show that I liked, I am either picking shows that are semi-current or that were nominated at the Golden Globes. This is just a way to organize my thoughts and make it home by dinner.

  • Schitt’s Creek
        • How to Watch: Netflix
        • Why I Loved It: It is SO funny. Very smart, but at the same time, very silly humor. The first episode you’re going to think “this is dumb.” Just trust me, it’s not. You’re going to love it. I love how after I watch it for a while I start to talk and use my hands like Alexis and David - it definitely makes me look smarter.
        • Golden Globe Result: Okay this was not nominated, but you need to watch it.
  • Killing Eve
        • How to watch: Amazon Prime/Hulu
        • Why I Loved It: Semi-scary, very exciting, funny, different, looove Sandra Oh and Jodi Comer (her lips!!). Okay TBH I kind of forget why I love it but my sister just started watching it and now I want to rewatch. I almost binged it too fast, I need a refresh.
        • Golden Globe Result: Sandra Oh won for Best Actress in a Drama!!
  • High Maintenance:
        • How to watch: HBO
        • Why I Loved It: Okay, wait - first episode is VERY raunchy. You’ve been warned. Maybe the first two are- might be a shock the system thing. But then, ugh it’s so good. My friend Jill Rosenwald told me about it and I was like, sure, I’ll give it a shot! Thank you, Jill! Great 30 minute episodes that are loosely tied together by one pot dealer on his bike. V good.
        • Golden Globe Result: Also not nominated, but it is current.
  • Friends from College
        • How to Watch: Netflix
        • Why I Loved It: I just finished the second season - it took me all a whopping day and a half. It’s so funny. Definitely underrated in the mainstream world. You basically end up wanting to be in their friend group. It’s easy to watch, everyone is very attractive and it’s just f.u.n.  
        • Wow, I’m realizing that none of my shows were nominated!!!
  • Bodyguard
        • How to Watch: Netflix
        • Why I Loved It: I binged this while knitting a sweater for Alex. Idk what I was more addicted to - the colorwork on his sweater or the show! LOL! Jokes aside, I was literally waking up at 6 to knit and watch it in bed while we were on vacation. Heaven. Pretty scary and definitely a thriller. Don’t watch this if you have to walk around in the dark by yourself.
        • I thought I was ahead of the times, but I guess I wasn’t - this was nominated for Best Drama!
  • The Night Manager:
        • How to Watch: Amazon Prime
        • Why I Loved It: Tom Hiddleston!! SO HOT. It’s a very smart show and you need to pay attention. No diddling on your phone while you watch. It’s about
        • Admittedly not current but more people need to see it!
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:
        • How to Watch: Amazon Prime
        • Why I loved (liked) it: I might be the only person who only liked this show… let the haters commence! My girlfriends from Skidmore are going to exile me for saying that. I think you just have to buy into Amy Sherman-Paladino’s pace and unrealistic dialogue. My mom also watched the first episode with me and thought that Mrs. Maisel was “pathetic” and I always agree with my mom!!
        • Nominated for Best TV Comedy!
  • Homecoming:
      • How to Watch: Amazon Prime
      • Why I Loved it (liked) it: Pretty weird but pretty good. Okay, I didn’t love it but it’s like “in” right now and I like to be able to talk TV. I'm not even sure that I saw the last episode. OKAY!
      • This was nominated for Best Drama!

    Shows I’m working on:

    • The new True Detective is good after the first episode!
    • BIG LITTLE LIES!!!!! It’s back so soon!!!

    Okay, that’s all for now, let me know if you watch any of these!! Also, let me add say that watching these shows with our Pardy Poncho on is so much cozier!! Just sayin.



    GIVEAWAY! Erin McDermott x Sh*t That I Knit

    Hey people. Let’s talk accessories. Since the age of 14, I have been an earring obsessed weirdo. I’ve made some terrible earring decisions between then and now (I actually recently did a purge of my jewelry that I was “saving for my daughter” lol, and discovered some really frightening chandelier earrings of my past) but I’d say, I’ve got a solid base now.

    The thing is, most mornings, I find myself reaching for Erin McDermott’s pieces. They are easy, fun, and LIGHT (like your ear doesn’t fall off by 4 pm). Not to mention, they don't break the bank (especially when your mom buys them for you at Runway for Recovery)!! I wear these white fringey ones almost every day.

    I met Erin through Runway for Recovery - she has been doing trunk shows at the event since the very beginning and her designs are always a total hit. She and I hit it off - or more like it, my girl crush began - the second I met her. She is:

    • Insanely nice and outgoing
    • Insanely beautiful
    • Insanely talented
    • Insanely successful
    • Insanely busy but under control with three daughters under the age of four


    I’m in awe of her and am so excited to bring some of her designs to you!!


    Starting today (1/16/19) at 12 pm EST, we are doing an Instagram giveaway!! Winner gets a $125 Gift Card to STIK and a $125 Gift Card to Erin McDermott Jewelry!! All you have to do is like both of our accounts and tag two friends in the comments section. The winner will be announced at 12pm EST on 1/18 - so GET GOING!! 

    Also, you're welcome for telling you to follow Erin on Instagram. If you love behind the scenes honesty, you will love her too. 

    Here are some of my Erin McDermott Faves:


    Daily Routines: Christina's Day-In-The-Life

    It was evident in writing this blog post that I am a classic new years resolutioner. You'll see below all of the things I "recently started doing always," and one of those things is blogging. So here's the first blog of 2019! You are so welcome!! 


    6ish - I wake up and enjoy the fact that I can stay in bed. But I’m a freak and will probably be awake for the rest of the day.

    7:03 am - Alarm goes off. Alex’s lucky number is 3… so all of our alarms end in a "3"... Don’t ask me - promptly hit the snooze button. 

    (Time between 7-7:30 - my New Year's Resolution is to STOP going on my phone first thing in the morning. This means a quick email check, but NO Instagram scrolling… we’ll see how long this lasts. But so far, it's really getting me out of bed quicker! Duh! )

    7:30 am - Get out of bed and put on my Penelope Chilvers Slippers. Whoever gets out of bed last has to make the bed!

    Rinse my face with cold water, spritz my face with toner, and lather my face in my Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate face oil + brush my teeth! I don’t wash my face in the morning because that would strip the natural oils from my face and make my skin even drier than it is now… which seems impossible. Run to the freezer and take my jade roller out and roll my puffy face with it! Who knows if it works, but I love it.

    7:45 - 9 am - In no particular order, I will do these things:

    • Make an almond milk latte! My Mom got us a latte maker and it’s been life-changing, plus COST EFFECTIVE as I no longer buy almond milk lattes at Peets for $6.98…
    • Turn on the Today Show! I love love love the Today Show. It’s my happy time and I love having it on in the background. Savannah, if you're reading this, I love you! 
    • Make some breakfast. I’m either a 2 scrambled eggs girl or a smoothie girl (we got a vitamix for our wedding... best. thing. ever). I’ll also obvi make one for Alex.
    • Get dressed! I have Rent the Runway Unlimited, so I love getting dressed in the morning. It’s so fun to have something new to pair and look a little cuter than I would with what I just own. I think I’ll do a separate post about my love for RTR Unlimited…
    • Diddle on my phone. Let’s be real. I’m addicted to my phone and probably waste 30 minutes carrying my phone from room to room like a safety blanket. I’m writing this and I’m embarrassed. Like why do I perch my phone on my sink while I do my makeup and watch stories mindlessly?!?!?!
    • I’ll also do my makeup. I will maybe write another blog for my makeup routine. I’m all about that Bobbi Brown life.
    • Make another latte and put it in my Yeti to sip on at work.

    9 am - try to get out the door on time. I like to be at work by 9:20, so if I leave by 9, I’m usually good

    9:30 - 10 am - usually involves answering a lot of emails that I didn't answer the night before. 

    10 am-noon - Hmm… good question… what do I do?! Could be any of these things:

    • On Mondays, we have team meetings at 11 am! 
    • Bugging people who haven’t responded to me with “friendly” reminders that I have emailed them 3 times in a row and am pretty sure this is the time they’ll respond
    • Doing PR outreach (see above bullet)
    • Thinking up partnerships with other brands and reaching out to them. 
    • Drinking lots of water! Or trying to!
    • Talk to my sister Ainslie on the phone. We talk every day and it’s a habit as we both work for ourselves. If you see me talking to myself in the grocery store, it’s because my airpods are under my hat and she and I are both at the grocery store, only I’m in Boston and she’s in Wyoming and we are just chit chatting. Or I am actually talking to myself- that is also very possible.

    Lunch: I am trying to bring my lunch more often, but let’s be real, here are my fave Allston lunch spots:

    • Fish Market: The lunch special is insane!! $10 for 2 rolls, soup and a salad. It’s. So. Good.
    • Whole Heart Provisions: Healthy and way too filling! I overdosed on this over the summer, but I'm getting over it. 
    • Amelia’s Taqueria: YUM. So fresh and they’re so nice.
    • Stop + Shop: Luna Bar… 2 Luna Bars (I know this is not healthy but sometimes that’s all I’ve got time for and I love the Lemon flavor… I’m just being HONEST!!)
    • Railstop: A recent obsession, it’s a sit-down place over by New Balance. It’s fancy feeling and it’s clean and I like their salads.
    • Lone Star Taco Bar: Great for when I’m “going out to lunch with friends” and want to have a margarita at lunch!

    1pm-4pm: More random sh*t! Running a business means being really good at having organized ADHD. I’m all over the place but manage to get it done.

    • Calls! Who knows, could be an agency, a brand, a mentor, idk!
    • Working with our team in Peru - waiting on shipments from our freight forwarder, going back and forth on samples! This is Sarah’s job now, but it’s fun to work together on what's coming up. 
    • Contacting new stores to sell our sh*t! That’s Kandi’s job now, but it’s fun to work together.
    • Blogging! Lol, trying to blog. Making all of this content is hard!
    • Working on our website - this is Tory’s job, but it’s also a big team effort.
    • PAYING THE BILLS. I just realized we haven’t paid our UPS bill since November… whoops!
    • It's also really nice that now I have coworkers!! Having Sarah, Kandi and Tory on the team makes life so much more interesting and productive. It's amazing how much more gets done in one day!! 

    4pm: Sneak out of the office to hit the gym. Oy, I am sounding like a new years resolution freak, but, I’ve been gymratting it lately. At the Gym, I:

    • PELOTON!!!
    • Squats!!!
    • Stare at my phone on a mat and “stretch” It’s called ACTIVE RECOVERY, okay!!

    5:30: shower up (lol I don't shower at the gym!! That would make too much sense) and head home.

    ** One of the great parts about working for yourself is that after you work your ass off for a couple of years, you get a little bit of flexibility and freedom back. For instance, sometimes I go to the gym in the middle of the day and then come back to work. It took me a longggg time to get to this place and I’ll admit, I did not go to the gym once from October to the new year… I was literally working all of the time.

    6 pm: WAIT patiently for my HUSBAND TO COME HOME TO MEEE!!! I guessss I'll shower (I hate showering). But I do love me some good products:

    I might make us some dinner but I will more likely order something off Uber Eats because I’m a terrible cook. If I do make dinner, I’ll:

    • Roast some Wegman’s Chicken - bon appetit!!
    • Make something from Serena Wolf’s Dude Diet Cookbook.
    • Loving Banza Chickpea pasta right now!
    • Popcorn for dinner!!! Who am I?! Olivia Pope!?

    7pm on - pour myself a lil glass of red wine and hang out! I’m a BIG TV watcher. If Alex isn’t home, I’ll start binge watching one of my shows, I’ll do another blog-post of sh*t I love to watch.

    Also, let’s be real. When I get home from work, my brain is still at work. I’m almost always on email, always on Instagram, always texting my team… it’s hard to turn this sh*t off. So while it’s great that I can stroll into work at 9:30 or leave a little early or take the day off - I am never really off. Queue the violins! 

    8:30 - the whole routine:

    9pm: I literally go to bed at like 9. I put my head on the pillow and PTFO. I am gifted that way.

    I'm still at work right now, really ruining the validity of this "daily routine." Today I actually had to go to the apple store and get a new phone because I threw mine on the ground last night and shattered it! So I got to work really late and here I am... don't believe everything you read, right?! 



    The Sh*t That I Knit Gift Guide!

    The Sh*t That I Knit Team Gift Guide!!! 
    Each year, our knit sh*t ends up on quite a few gift guides. It's always so exciting and we love to be included. Turns out, putting a gift guide is a lot of work! So the entire STIK team worked together to put this little list together. 
    Happy gifting! 
    The deets: 
    • Brinker & Eliza - Love You More Earrings - These are my personal picks - I have a growing collection of Brinker & Eliza because I love their jewelry, the price point is great for high-quality earrings and necklaces, and of course... because they are a mother-daughter duo. They started out this past summer and to put it lightly, have skyrocketed to the top - selling on Moda Operandi and in Barney's NYC. NBD. 
    • Amazon - The Stojo Cup - Kandi's pick - it's pretty simple, she loves this for traveling (always key to bring your own, reusable cup!). It's perfect because it squishes down like a cute little accordion! 
    • Kari Traa - Stjerna Half Zip - We all ove Kari Traa and live in their longies during ski season. A girl can never have too many half zips and this one looks perfect. Plus, it's made from Merino Wool, just like our hats! Ahem, Mom!! I want this!! ;) 
    • Sh*t That I Knit - Gunn Beanie - A perfect gift for your favorite gal. It's warm, soft, flattering, and the hot pink color will keep her the center of attention.
    • The Little Market - Woven Basket - Kandi says she needs one of these for all of their winter accessories. How domestic and stylish, Kandi!! We all need hat organization tools. 
    • Farmaesthetics - Midnight Oil - I live for this sh*t. The second I hop out of the shower, I lather myself up in this oil. It's just perfect (all natural and no stinky perfumes) and I could always use more of it. 
    • Eberjey - Frida Whip Stitch PJ Set - There's just nothing better than a new pair of fancy jammies. Just think of how great these would be WITH a new thing of Midnight Oil... talk about a thoughtful gift for the girl in your life who likes to get in bed at 8:30!!! (I will be sending this list to my family)
    • M.Flynn - Diamond Pebble Ring - A girl can dream, right?! We designed our wedding bands at M.Flynn and I may or may not be in the market for another stackable ring. You can also work closely with Megan and Moria on custom pieces. 
    • Lele Sadoughi - Broadway Bangle - Tory's Pick!! Right now Tory is covered in spit up (from her 6-month-old, not herself) and feels like this bangle will make her look fancy and fun. 
    • Sh*t That I Knit - The Pardy Poncho - This may or may not be my most favorite STIK product yet. It's so soft and so useful and so perfect. Wear it like a poncho all day and then scoop it into a scarf under your coat. While it won't be here for xmas, it will be there like a day late. In my family, the "your present is in the mail" thing always works. 
    • Drunk Elephant - C Firma Day Serum - Another Kandi pick - for this self-proclaimed "dry skinned" goddess, it's either giving up wine or using this day serum. Great for hydrating your face during our long, harsh winter!! 
    • Sephora - Shhhower Cap - I personally am not a fan of washing my hair everyday, more of like a twice a week kinda gal. So this shower cap is perfect and cute and fun! Talk about a great quality stocking stuffer!! 
    • Athleta - Flurry Base Layer Turtleneck - According to Tory, she needs to get out of the house in the winter, and wants to not only be snuggly but also look snuggly. This top is perfect. 
    • Astis Mittens- Dias Mittens - Astis Mittens are a gamechanger. I have Raynaud's (meaning the second I go outside, my fingers lose all of their color and freeze), so to say that my hands are never cold when I wear Astis is a huge statement. They are SO warm. And SO cool. And I already have a pair but I want another!! I also wear them skiing and am obssessed. Did I mention that I really like them??
    • Away - The Carry-On - When Sarah is on the move, she wants to be doing so in style and all charged up. This cute carry-on has all of those bells and whistles, is super trendy right now can charge your phone!! 
    • Apple - Airpods - It's pretty often that Sarah is multitasking. She's making calls, listening to music, running, schlepping orders, typing emails, managing everything at STIK... fact is, she needs her hands free!! Plus, I have them and I'm very cool. Seriously though, couldn't live without these... how else would my sister and I talk for hours about nothing all day?! 
    • Rent The Runway - Unlimited RTR - A great gift is to give someone a taste of the best thing ever for a month and then tell them they're on their own to pay for it!! But seriously, here's how it works. Once you start, you get 4 pieces to keep for however long you want. This could be a fancy dress for an event, a pair of wildly unflattering but trendy pants, a bomb jacket that is way too expensive and will make you look fancy AF, that perfect sweater for the skirt you've owned since college... you can rent it all. Alex got me a few months of Unlimited as my xmas present last year and I am addicted, plus it's really cut down on my typical shopping sprees. PLUS, I look more fashionable... I think!! 
    • Outdoor Voices - Polka Dot Tech Sweats - Because who doesn't love OV and who doesn't love polka dots?! And also because, who doesn't love to "get back into the gym" after the holidays?!
    • CrateJoy - Flower Subscription - My mom got me this for my birthday and I was just this morning, enjoying the gift that keeps on giving! Mom has always taught me that fresh cut flowers is a cheap way to decorate and I totally agree. Flowers just make me happy and this is a wonderful gift! They come every couple of week and last for a v long time! 
    • Dudley Stephens - Lightweight Velo Fleece - Going fast!! Dudley Stephens has a cult following and their popular fleeces sell out quickly. I'll admit, I was hesitant at first... really, a tight fleece? But now, I'm in love with my bright orange turtleneck. It's long and flattering, comfortable and so easy to throw on while running errangs. Totally cute! 
    • Artemis Design Co - Roxana Velvet Boot - Omg, I am so excited about these. After seeing the founder, Milicent, "test" these out this fall, I was very excited to see them released! I may be the leader of the "Artemis Design Co Fan Club," so I need to add these fashionable boots to my collection. 
    • Sh*t That I Knit - Hat Keychain - 1) easy to find your keys and 2) what a great stocking stuffer for the hat-obsessed person in your life! Or just yourself!! 
    • SkinOwl - Eye+ - I've been posting about this eye cream a lot lately and that's because I've been tired and dehydrated a lot lately too... but seriously, this is the sh*t. Keep it in your fridge and put it under your eye in the morning... ZING!!! 
    • Weezie Towels - Makeup Towels - I've been reading a lot about this hot new brand and am also the type of person who accidentally ruins all of her washcloths with her mascara. There, I'll admit it!! I'm that girl. But these are so cute and would be a great little gift for your sister or for me. 

    Okay that took way longer than expected, but that's the list!!! 





    STIK at the Women's World Cup Ski Race at Killington with the Best Custom Pins!

    Last weekend, we were up in Killington, Vermont to sell some Sh*t in the vendor village at the Audi FIS Women’s World Cup Ski Race. After it being such a fun and successful event last year, this weekend was much anticipated for us! This year we came prepared with a giiiiaant blow up hat to hold our sh*t. You could see it from the mountain and if we do say ourselves, it was pretty epic.

    We had the best time in our hat tent, reconnecting with STIK fans and meeting new Sh*tty friends! One of our favorite moments was when a few of our friends from the US Women’s Ski team stopped by for some Sh*t and to do an autograph signing. Thank you Nina O’Brien, Resi Stiegler, Tricia Mangan, Alice Merryweather, and Megan Herrod!!!

    We were so excited to make our beanies extra special this year with Killington and Vermont pins from WizardPins! They were a huge hit and the added customization of the pins definitely helped sell a lot of hats! We were so impressed with the quality of the pins and customers were flocking to our tent for a beanie and a pin! If you’re in the market for custom pins, we would 100% recommend WizardPins! We had an excellent experience communicating with their customer service team and were so excited about how the custom pins came out.

    Want your own custom pins? Use code STIK for $50 off your first order!