STIK Moms Share

STIK Moms Share

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When I found out I was pregnant with Campbell, I knew I was in great company among the STIK community. Since founding STIK with my own mom in 2015, it feels like I’ve seen and heard from so many of our customers who are moms themselves. I’ve followed along as women became pregnant, welcomed babies, celebrated birthdays, sent their kids off to kindergarten, and even college (serious tears!!). 

And then at 9 months pregnant, the pandemic hit. My first year of motherhood was spent on Zoom, connecting with people through Instagram DMs, lurking in Facebook Groups, and scrolling through other communities on the interwebs that helped me feel a little less alone during a truly transformative year. I know it sounds cliche but I have received some of the best advice and tips from complete strangers. 

So in honor of Campbell’s first birthday and the launch of our Lil Beans collection, I thought it’d be fun to share some knowledge from our STIK moms with this little corner of the internet. The STIK moms have been through it all, and their recommendations are always spot on. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve scrolled back through DM conversations to find a product recommendation, or little words of encouragement when I needed it the most. Share this list with a new-mom or soon-to-be-mom who needs a little pick-me-up, and let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed! 



Baby Products STIK Moms Can’t Live Without

Let me caveat this list: the only things your baby truly NEEDS are unconditional love, a clean diaper, nutrients (in whatever form that is), a safe place to sleep, and clothes to wear. But there are some products that make life as a new mom a bit more manageable. 

  1. A baby lounger - top picks: Doc-a-tot, Snuggle Me Organic, Boppy 
  2. Hatch portable sound machine 
  3. A baby carrier - top picks: Ergobaby, Solly Wrap, Baby Bjorn, Tula
  4. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss
  5. Keekaroo changing pad (quick wipe down for the inevitable accidents!)
  6. Costco or Amazon Prime membership (lol #diapers)
  7. Electric nail file 
  8. Fridababy NoseFrida
  9. Aquaphor and Triple Paste 
  10. For mom: Hands free nursing bra, Haaka, & Fridamom Witch Hazel Pad Liners

    The Best Baby Advice STIK Moms Have Received

    1. Give yourself grace
    2. Find what works for you and don’t let others judge that
    3. Don't do anything while the baby is sleeping that you can do while the baby is awake
    4. Trust your gut - mother's instinct is real
    5. Babies don’t keep, so savor it
    6. Each challenge (sleeping, feeding, teething) is a phase and it will pass. Embrace the good and be patient with the bad
    7. You can't spoil your baby
    8. Never decide how bad you feel in the AM before a shower and a coffee
    9. Milestones are just general guidance, babies develop at their own pace so don’t compare
    10. Always park next to the cart return
    11. You are the best momma for your baby, always
    12. You're learning together - mama and baby
    13. You always have 5 minutes to shower

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