April Monthly Favorites

April Monthly Favorites


Another month has flown by, and we can't wait for the warm weather and sunshine that May will (hopefully!) bring. April has been a fun month at STIK, as we launched the adorable Lil Beans Collection. The Lil Baby Layette is the perfect gift for any new parents - especially with Mother's Day being right around the corner. The launch of the Lil Beans Collection and Christina's first year of motherhood have inspired us to choose favorites that double as the perfect gift for all the mother figures in our lives. 

Claudia: I was heavily influenced to purchase something this month from my favorite podcast, The Morning Toast. This may not sound super exciting, but I bought an electric toothbrush from Bruush. The way the podcast hosts describe it, is that it’s truly a life changing tooth brushing experience, so I just had to try it. It comes in fun colors, holds a charge for up to a month, and has a subscription service to receive new brush heads. Mine should be arriving anyyy day now, but I know it will be my favorite purchase this month!

Christina: I had a hard time thinking of my monthly fave this month - and then I remembered… my VACCINE!! I got my second shot last week and am feeling incredibly grateful for science, front line workers, and all of the amazing people who have gotten us here. I can’t wait to get the STIK team back together once it’s safe to do so and to HUG my favorite people. Some of my best friends have yet to hold Campbell, so after a full year of being a bubble child - she is ready for her honorary aunts to smother her with kisses! 

Meg: My monthly fave is something simple, bright, and guaranteed to make me smile - TULIPS. It's springtime, the weather's warming up, trees are blooming, vaccines are abundant, and everyone needs some colorful tulips to brighten up their kitchen! I usually get mine at Trader Joes, but I've recently come across a few local farms that are pick-your-own, which just sounds dreamy. If you're on the South Shore - check out Cross Street Flower Farm. And yes - every mom in your life wants a bundle of tulips for Mother’s Day! 

Sarah: This month, I was heavily influenced by one of my favorite people to follow (@itsmetinx) to get, what she calls, ”an adult sippy cup”, which is actually the insulated tumbler from Simple Modern. It’s super sleek looking and comes in tons of colors. It has a straw which makes me drink so much more water in a day and I love that it keeps drinks cold all day long. I’ve even converted from being a Hydroflask gal because this one fits in my car cup holder- game changer!

Peter: My monthly fave this month was definitely a splurge.  It was in preparation for a very exciting 5 day mountain bike trip in Moab, UT.  I wanted to be able to track my miles and other stats as well.  I did some looking around at options, but ended up going for the new Apple Watch. I haven’t worn a watch in so many years, but I have to admit this was a great purchase (and worth the splurge!)  It has lots of very cool features and also syncs so easily to Peloton workouts.  Now I’m thinking that I have to get one for Felice (my wife!)

Tessa: If you follow Melissa Wood on Instagram, then there's a high probability you know about Ella's Flats. After seeing her post about these seedy crackers a few times a week for several years now, I finally decided to see what they were all about. Let me tell you - THEY ARE DELICIOUS! I was expecting a Mary's Gone Crackers vibe, but these are totally different and very, very good. Even my fiancé who is averse to any "health" food is a fan. My favorite way to eat them is with hummus or avocado with salt and pepper, OR crumbled on top of salads (a la Melissa Wood). They're also conveniently shipped from Amazon, so do yourself a favor and place an order!

Steph: One of the first things I learned about the STIK team when starting here is that everyone is obsessed with Credo. I had never even heard of it, but decided to visit the Newbury St. location and bought myself the Tower28 Beauty Cream Blush in the shade Golden Hour. I’m usually not drawn to orange blush shades, but I am obsessed with this one!! It blends like a dream, and makes my skin look dewy and sun kissed. I’m excited to get more shades, and am thinking about getting one for my mom for Mother’s Day. 

The STIK Team




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