How To Care For Your Beanie

At STIK, we’ve created knits to be worn and loved for a very long time. We realize that our customers wear our products almost every day in the winter. We created the Beanie Care Kit to give some TLC to your beanie after wearing it all season long.

We recently revamped our Beanie Care Kit so that it includes everything you need to keep your STIK beanies, mittens, and neckies in tip top shape. The Kit includes:

  • Depill Buzzer 
  • The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo 
  • Sewing Kit
  • A New Snap! 
  • A Reusable Bubble Wrap Bag 

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to take care of your beanie before storing it away. Here are the steps we recommend taking to keep your sh*t in the best condition:

  1. Beanie getting pilly? Take the cap off of the depiller and use this buzzer like a razor - either straight across, up and down, or in circular motions. Don’t be afraid to apply decent pressure!
  2. Got a spot? Gently rub some of the shampoo on any stain and wash it out with COLD water.
  3. Loose snap? If your snap needs reinforcement, secure it in place using the mini sewing kit. Christina shows you how easy it is to sew your snap in a video linked here.
  4. Old pom? If you have a beanie from before August 2019, you might want to sew the new snap (included in the sewing kit) onto your beanie in order to take advantage of our interchangeable pom poms!
  5. Pack it up! Once your beanie has gotten its makeover, be sure to store it in the duster bag to keep it protected! 

This is the perfect spring cleaning ritual, and these simple steps will keep your beanie happier for longer! 

The STIK Team

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