Wedding Day Essentials

Weddings are finally back in full force, and chances are you have at least one on the calendar this summer. As a recent newlywed, I can tell you that people are ready to CELEBRATE! For any future brides out there, here are a few essentials that helped my wedding day go smoothly.


Lip Tint -This Bobbi Brown Lip Tint is incredible. It’s essentially a lip balm but with a tint. It’s super lightweight and moisturizing, plus brings out your natural lip color. I used this throughout the night for a little boost, and I loved how it made my lips stand out while still looking natural. I don’t wear a ton of makeup, so it was very important that I looked like myself on my wedding day (with some extra oomph of course!). This product definitely delivered.

Water - I know it seems like a no-brainer, but the day of is chaotic and it’s easy to forget to hydrate. Honestly I would recommend assigning someone to be on water duty. The last thing I was focused on was drinking water, so frequent reminders would've been helpful. You have a long night ahead of you, and you want to make sure you’re not dehydrated heading into cocktail hour! Stay in the bridal whites theme with this Corkcicle water bottle.

Change of shoes - Your wedding shoes are likely being worn for the first time on the actual day, which means you’re probably going to experience some discomfort. So it’s always a good idea to have a backup option for later in the night, whether that’s a second pair of heels, sandals (your guests wouldn’t hate it either if you had flip flops waiting at the dance floor!), or fun sneakers. I switched to glitter Golden Goose sneakers for the last hour of my reception, and I’m so happy I did! Plus, you never know what else could happen - rainy weather, a heel strap randomly breaking, sweaty feet, etc. Preparation for any shoe scenario is key.

Big Tote Bag - I used this cute bag from Loeffler Randall to schlep my stuff around during the weekend. I had backup clothes, makeup, shoes, and other random items with me at all times, and this bag was just the right size to carry it all. Between moving from your getting ready spot to pictures to the venue, I needed something that would keep me organized but still look cute.

Pardy Wrap - You can’t go to a wedding without a Pardy Wrap! If you’re having the reception outside, it could get chilly once the sun goes down. Enter the Pardy Wrap - you’ll stay warm without compromising your look. They’re classic and stylish, with some added flair with the pom pom tassels. Pardy Wraps also make a great gift for your bridesmaids! 

Ring Cleaner Pen - Nothing like giving your ring a last minute shine right before you walk down the aisle! One of my bridesmaids keeps a ring cleaner pen in her purse at all times (which is a genius idea) and it came in handy several times over the weekend. Even though I had my ring professionally cleaned a few days before the wedding, I loved being able to give it a quick touch up no matter where I was. 


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