June Monthly Favorites

June is over and summer is in full swing! We've all been loving the Scotia Sweater, and the team has also compiled a list of our June favorites and summer must-haves: 

Peter: Okay, so I know that this is a splurge, but I love my new Rimowa Essential Cabin Plus luggage in Matte Blue.  I bought it to replace my old Rimowa Cabin Plus that I have had for almost 10 years and countless miles. What I love about this particular bag is that the shape allows for more volume, but still fits in most overhead compartments.  It isn’t technically compliant with roll aboard dimensions, but I have very rarely had any issue with getting it on board. I have used this bag for trips of a few days AND also for a 2 week vacation (along with a decent sized weekender.)  It’s an investment, but definitely worth it.

Claudia: I made this purchase back in the spring, but I’m finally getting some good use out of it. I love my Lack of Color sun hat. It has a great wide brim and an adjustable chin strap. It’s also super lightweight! If you are in the market for a sun hat, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely going to be my beach staple this summer.

Sarah: My favorite thing to wear this month has been my Mahi Gold Addie Dress. Mahi Gold dresses are flattering and easy to wear. They are the best thing to throw on for so many different occasions, from running errands to going out to a nice dinner. I got mine last summer and have been reaching for it probably a little too much this month. One of my favorite parts about it is that I’ve washed it many times and it still looks brand new. 

Tessa: I'm slowly making my way through all my wedding thank you notes, and am so glad I decided to get these customized notecards from Papier. I love the classic border design (I went with the Cornflower Blue color) and the option to add text in any font and color. I also opted to print my return address on the back of the envelope, which saves a ton of time and handwriting for me. The quality of paper is great, and the whole ordering process was super easy. I've been eyeing these Scallop Trim cards as well for my next Papier purchase!

Christina: Try this combination: 11 weddings and feet that haven’t been in a pair of heels (or real shoes for that matter) since before the pandemic started. No bueno! Thankfully a few friends recommended Sarah Flint and then I lucked into meeting a member of the SF team at a bridal shower a few weeks ago. Enter my newest obsession. I got the Perfect Block Sandal 60 and can attest to how good looking AND how comfortable they are (as in, I wore them all night at a wedding while everyone else was wearing the goofy dance floor flip flops). While these are certainly a splurge, I am actively trying to invest in fewer, better pieces. PLUS, Sarah is changing the game in the male-dominated shoe industry and creating shoes that are actually comfortable for women’s feet. If you want to try a pair - use my new code for $50 off your first purchase! SARAHFLINT-BACHRISTINAP PS. I became an ambassador AFTER falling in love with the brand and shoes. 

Steph: Once it starts to get hot, the last thing I want to drink is hot coffee (especially since I have no AC). I recently purchased the Hario Cold Brew Maker and it is my new favorite thing. It makes enough cold brew for a few days and always comes out so good! All I have to do is add coffee grinds to the filter, add water, and let it steep overnight! The one thing I will say is that the type of coffee definitely matters - the grinds have to be big enough so they don’t seep through the filter, and I’ve found medium and dark roasts to be less acidic. I’ve been using the Fazenda Cold Brew Blend, but have heard the Stone Street Cold Brew Blends are the best. If you love cold brew, I highly recommend - it’s been such a great way to start my summer mornings!

Meg: For me, lazy summer days are synonymous with a fully loaded kindle full of feel-good beach reads. My newest obsession is Elin Hilderbrand. I know - a little late to the party as my mom and girlfriends have been recommending her books for years, but I recently got my hands on her newest novel, Golden Girl, and I couldn't put it down. You know those books where you're itching to sneak in another chapter, while still wanting to read it realllly slowly so it lasts longer? That was this book. Set on Nantucket, like most Elin Hilderbrand books, the story is about a mother who tragically passes away, but gets to watch her children from the Beyond and help them make life decisions. It's definitely a bittersweet story, but this one got me hooked on Hilderbrand's novels. I've already started 28 Summers and might sneak into the bathroom at work to finish it (just kidding, Christina!) If you're looking for other good beach reads, I recently read Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid and Too Good To Be True by Carola Lovering and recommend them both! And next up is People We Meet on Vacation. Happy reading!! 

The STIK Team

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