May Monthly Favorites

We've had an extremely busy month at STIK, especially with the launch of our Scotia Sweater. The response was incredible, and we having been loving the sweater all month, along with some other fashion & beauty favorites. 

Claudia: I don’t think I’ve ever written about this before, but Goop's Himalyan Salt Scrub Shampoo is one of my favorite products of all time. I can’t say this is a new monthly fave, but I’ve been reaching for it a lot recently and have had it close to a year. It’s a detoxing shampoo and it has the most amazing smell, texture, and results. It’s something you don’t use everyday, so it lasts a long time. I really love it in the summer as it just cleans away pool or ocean residue! 

Sarah: I’m not sure if this is allowed, but my absolute favorite thing this month is our Scotia Sweater! Whether it’s to wear instead of a sweatshirt while I work from home or to throw on over a dress or with jeans for the chilly spring/summer nights, I’ve reached for it almost every single day. It is so soft, comfortable, and flattering that all my other sweaters and sweatshirts truly don’t stand a chance this summer. I love that you all love yours too!

Christina: My favorite thing this month is my new eyebrows!! Not sure how many of you have followed my eyebrow ~journey~ over the past couple of years, but there was an incident a while back that involved me dying my eyebrows jet black... as a blonde, this was not a good look for me. Last week, I took the big plunge to get my eyebrows micro-bladed with my very trusted eyebrow expert, facialist, and friend, Andrea Sacco. My left eyebrow is very blonde and it drives me nuts when my make up rubs off by 3pm and it looks like I only have one brow. Andrea knew I wanted to go for a very natural look and she totally nailed it. I’m seven days into the healing process and I’m so in love with them!! I won’t see the full results for a few more weeks, but I cannot recommend her enough if you’re in the Boston area. 

Meg: Last summer I lived in lululemon Align leggings. Mainly, because I was pregnant and they are the most comfortable pair of pants you will ever wear, but also because we were all working remote and I had a strict no hard pants rule for working from home. Now that the world is opening up and we're heading back to the office a few days a week, I'm very excited to bring out my summer wardrobe that didn't get touched last year. However - I still need something comfy for the days I'm at home working. Enter: the tennis skirt. Now, this isn't a new concept, but they're new to ME okay? Having never played tennis in my life (no hand-eye coordination whatsoever), I still decided to give one a go after I saw how simply adorable my friends looked wearing them. I ordered this one on Amazon and it is SO sporty and cute (and looks much more expensive than it is). Paired with a workout tank and my new Freedom Moses sandals, I found my new WFH summer uniform. 

Steph: My favorite thing that I've purchased this month is the Dezi On Read Sunglasses in Classic Tortoise. I'm not one to spend much on sunglasses because I have a tendency to break them, but the cheaper ones definitely aren't great at protecting against the sun. I decided to spend a little extra for better a better pair this summer, and wow the quality is amazing. They are super sturdy, while still being really stylish. They have a cat eye shape that is super flattering - I seriously can't stop wearing them. 

The STIK Team

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