Day in the Life: Christina

Day in the Life: Christina

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It was evident in writing this blog post that I am a classic new years resolutioner. You'll see below all of the things I "recently started doing always," and one of those things is blogging. So here's the first blog of 2019! You are so welcome!! 


6ish - I wake up and enjoy the fact that I can stay in bed. But I’m a freak and will probably be awake for the rest of the day.

7:03 am - Alarm goes off. Alex’s lucky number is 3… so all of our alarms end in a "3"... Don’t ask me - promptly hit the snooze button. 

(Time between 7-7:30 - my New Year's Resolution is to STOP going on my phone first thing in the morning. This means a quick email check, but NO Instagram scrolling… we’ll see how long this lasts. But so far, it's really getting me out of bed quicker! Duh! )

7:30 am - Get out of bed and put on my Penelope Chilvers Slippers. Whoever gets out of bed last has to make the bed!

Rinse my face with cold water, spritz my face with toner, and lather my face in my Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate face oil + brush my teeth! I don’t wash my face in the morning because that would strip the natural oils from my face and make my skin even drier than it is now… which seems impossible. Run to the freezer and take my jade rollerout and roll my puffy face with it! Who knows if it works, but I love it.

7:45 - 9 am - In no particular order, I will do these things:

  • Make an almond milk latte! My Mom got us a latte maker and it’s been life-changing, plus COST EFFECTIVE as I no longer buy almond milk lattes at Peets for $6.98…
  • Turn on the Today Show! I love love love the Today Show. It’s my happy time and I love having it on in the background. Savannah, if you're reading this, I love you! 
  • Make some breakfast. I’m either a 2 scrambled eggs girl or a smoothie girl (we got a vitamix for our wedding... best. thing. ever). I’ll also obvi make one for Alex.
  • Get dressed! I have Rent the Runway Unlimited, so I love getting dressed in the morning. It’s so fun to have something new to pair and look a little cuter than I would with what I just own. I think I’ll do a separate post about my love for RTR Unlimited…
  • Diddle on my phone. Let’s be real. I’m addicted to my phone and probably waste 30 minutes carrying my phone from room to room like a safety blanket. I’m writing this and I’m embarrassed. Like why do I perch my phone on my sink while I do my makeup and watch stories mindlessly?!?!?!
  • I’ll also do my makeup. I will maybe write another blog for my makeup routine. I’m all about that Bobbi Brown life.
  • Make another latte and put it in my Yeti to sip on at work.

9 am - try to get out the door on time. I like to be at work by 9:20, so if I leave by 9, I’m usually good

9:30 - 10 am - usually involves answering a lot of emails that I didn't answer the night before. 

10 am-noon - Hmm… good question… what do I do?! Could be any of these things:

  • On Mondays, we have team meetings at 11 am! 
  • Bugging people who haven’t responded to me with “friendly” reminders that I have emailed them 3 times in a row and am pretty sure this is the time they’ll respond
  • Doing PR outreach (see above bullet)
  • Thinking up partnerships with other brands and reaching out to them. 
  • Drinking lots of water! Or trying to!
  • Talk to my sister Ainslie on the phone. We talk every day and it’s a habit as we both work for ourselves. If you see me talking to myself in the grocery store, it’s because my airpods are under my hat and she and I are both at the grocery store, only I’m in Boston and she’s in Wyoming and we are just chit chatting. Or I am actually talking to myself- that is also very possible.

Lunch: I am trying to bring my lunch more often, but let’s be real, here are my fave Allston lunch spots:

  • Fish Market: The lunch special is insane!! $10 for 2 rolls, soup and a salad. It’s. So. Good.
  • Whole Heart Provisions: Healthy and way too filling! I overdosed on this over the summer, but I'm getting over it. 
  • Amelia’s Taqueria: YUM. So fresh and they’re so nice.
  • Stop + Shop: Luna Bar… 2 Luna Bars (I know this is not healthy but sometimes that’s all I’ve got time for and I love the Lemon flavor… I’m just being HONEST!!)
  • Railstop: A recent obsession, it’s a sit-down place over by New Balance. It’s fancy feeling and it’s clean and I like their salads.
  • Lone Star Taco Bar: Great for when I’m “going out to lunch with friends” and want to have a margarita at lunch!

1pm-4pm: More random sh*t! Running a business means being really good at having organized ADHD. I’m all over the place but manage to get it done.

  • Calls! Who knows, could be an agency, a brand, a mentor, idk!
  • Working with our team in Peru - waiting on shipments from our freight forwarder, going back and forth on samples! This is Sarah’s job now, but it’s fun to work together on what's coming up. 
  • Contacting new stores to sell our sh*t! That’s Kandi’s job now, but it’s fun to work together.
  • Blogging! Lol, trying to blog. Making all of this content is hard!
  • Working on our website - this is Tory’s job, but it’s also a big team effort.
  • PAYING THE BILLS. I just realized we haven’t paid our UPS bill since November… whoops!
  • It's also really nice that now I have coworkers!! Having Sarah, Kandi and Tory on the team makes life so much more interesting and productive. It's amazing how much more gets done in one day!! 

4pm: Sneak out of the office to hit the gym. Oy, I am sounding like a new years resolution freak, but, I’ve been gymratting it lately. At the Gym, I:

  • PELOTON!!!
  • Squats!!!
  • Stare at my phone on a mat and “stretch” It’s called ACTIVE RECOVERY, okay!!

5:30: shower up (lol I don't shower at the gym!! That would make too much sense) and head home.

** One of the great parts about working for yourself is that after you work your ass off for a couple of years, you get a little bit of flexibility and freedom back. For instance, sometimes I go to the gym in the middle of the day and then come back to work. It took me a longggg time to get to this place and I’ll admit, I did not go to the gym once from October to the new year… I was literally working all of the time.

6 pm: WAIT patiently for my HUSBAND TO COME HOME TO MEEE!!! I guessss I'll shower (I hate showering). But I do love me some good products:

I might make us some dinner but I will more likely order something off Uber Eats because I’m a terrible cook. If I do make dinner, I’ll:

  • Roast some Wegman’s Chicken - bon appetit!!
  • Make something from Serena Wolf’s Dude Diet Cookbook.
  • Loving Banza Chickpea pasta right now!
  • Popcorn for dinner!!! Who am I?! Olivia Pope!?

7pm on - pour myself a lil glass of red wine and hang out! I’m a BIG TV watcher. If Alex isn’t home, I’ll start binge watching one of my shows, I’ll do another blog-post of sh*t I love to watch.

Also, let’s be real. When I get home from work, my brain is still at work. I’m almost always on email, always on Instagram, always texting my team… it’s hard to turn this sh*t off. So while it’s great that I can stroll into work at 9:30 or leave a little early or take the day off - I am never really off. Queue the violins! 

8:30 - the whole routine:

9pm: I literally go to bed at like 9. I put my head on the pillow and PTFO. I am gifted that way.

I'm still at work right now, really ruining the validity of this "daily routine." Today I actually had to go to the apple store and get a new phone because I threw mine on the ground last night and shattered it! So I got to work really late and here I am... don't believe everything you read, right?! 



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