The STIK Team Tries on the Yarn Pom Pom

The STIK Team Tries on the Yarn Pom Pom

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The STIK Team tried on our brand new Yarn Pom Poms this week. We all have slight variations in our beanie styles and colors so it was very fun to see what combinations everyone came up with. We had some matchy-matchy ones, but also different color combos. We love the yarn poms because they can totally change up your beanie depending on what kind of mood you’re in. Check out how we all styled our new yarn poms. 

Christina has the Laird Beanie in Lavender. She chose the Yarn Pom Pom in White Lie to add a fun mix to her already colorful hat. It’s super easy to snap the new pom and off for a totally new look!

Sarah has the Gunn Beanie in White Lie. She has two different yarn poms for double the fun. She can either match her beanie to the Yarn Pom Pom in White Lie or add a pop of color with the Yarn Pom Pom in Cardinal, which is so excited to wear around the holidays.

Claudia has the Motley Beanie in On Wednesdays We Wear Pink and the matching OWWP Yarn Pom Pom. She loves this combo for a totally bright and fun look to jazz up a neutral outfit! 

Tessa wears the Gunn Beanie in Blacklist, with a matching Yarn Pom Pom in Blacklist. She loves the Yarn Pom Pom because it’s made from the same merino wool as our beanies so it’s incredibly soft (and cute!). 

Kismet has the Campbell Beanie in Forest Green with the Matching Forest Green Yarn Pom Pom. She loves how easy the poms snap on and off so it makes changing out the faux fur poms so simple! 

Tory has the Rutherford Beanie in Navy with the matching Navy Yarn Pom Pom. One of Tory’s favorite parts about the yarn pom is that it’s $15 so it’s an awesome and affordable addition to any beanie.

The STIK Team

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