A Day in the Life of Tory

A Day in the Life of Tory

Hi Everyone! So Christina asked us to write out our daily routines - I was like “Great! So awesome!”, but then I realized all of you know Christina...like, really well. She’s so open and honest with all of you, and I, personally, think it’s why STIK has been so successful. But none of you really know me - so, why would you care what I do on a daily basis? Well - here’s a little bit about me, and if you’re intrigued, you can read on. And if not - as Serena Wolf would say - “we good”.

5 things about Tory before she shares personal, intimate details about her daily life:

  1. I’m a 29 (and a half) year old Virgo who loves to run, make spreadsheets, drink margs (#balance), and talk about TV shows.
  2. I'm married to an amazing guy named Andy who, amongst other things, cooks me dinner basically every night. I’m a spoiled wife, and I know it.
  3. As of May 2018, Andy became my second fav person on the planet to our daughter, Kennedy. Everything that ScaryMommy says about motherhood is 100% accurate - it’s amazing and beautiful and also hard AF. I’m definitely a work-in-progress.
  4. I joined STIK in October on a part-time basis to help Christina with fulfillment and customer service. (Christina and I go WAY back...to high school. V amazing but also awkward times.) I’ve now joined the team full-time to lead marketing. Yay!
  5. I grew up in the Boston area, but I consider Kennebunk, Maine to be my real “home”.

Okay so  - if you think I sound “cool” I’m honored and feel free to keep reading. If not, please buy a hat on your way out?

6am: Someday when I grow up, I’m going to be able to wake up at 6am and get so much done before Andy and Kennedy wake up; but right now that’s just a pipe dream *Snooze*

6:40am: This is when I actually pry myself out of bed. I try to wake up a little earlier than the rest of the house to get stupid sh*t out of the way. I make Kennedy her bottles for the day, empty the dishwasher, and complete my morning Self journal (if you don’t know about this, you need to know - thanks for the tip, Mom!).

7am: Kennedy’s wakes up at 7am on. the. dot. every morning. Once she’s up, my morning is basically a mix of the following:

  • Today show goes on - like Christina, I’m obsessed with the entire Today show team, and it’s always on right at 7am.
  • Make breakfast for K - either banana pancakes (her fav) or scrambled eggs. She’s 8 months so we’re still working on really soft foods. I eat a bite of whatever she’s eating, even though I have real teeth and could eat normal food...it’s just easier!
  • Lots of coffee
  • Enjoy some playtime - I try to spend at least 10-15 minutes playing with K; at this point, it basically consists of me rolling around on the floor with and making a LOT of weird noises to try to make her laugh
  • Shower - As most Momma's out there know, showering can be a luxury. But somehow I’m able to squeeze in a shower. I don't have a ton of time, so I rely on my long list of skin and hair products to help me stay on my game. Currently loving this Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator 

8:30am: Our amazing nanny arrives, and I’m out the door. I like to get to work by 9am - I work best in the morning; I start to lose steam after 2pm (Christina - if you’re reading this, I never stop working...work is my middle name).

9am - 12pm: Get to work and all bets are off. Weirdly enough, my time with Kennedy is way more predictable than any day at STIK. But I LOVE it that way. I work best in environments that change a lot - I find it exciting and refreshing. TBH - I’m still learning about what I’m supposed to be doing every day since I’ve taken on marketing, but right now I’m been focused on:

  • THE WEBSITE!!!! (more updates to come later this year)
  • 2019 planning - The role change kind of delayed my planning, but we’re getting there - lots of fun exciting things to come
  • Building my desk - #startuplife
  • Customer Service - even though I switched over to marketing, I’m still answering your emails when you have questions/concerns/want to share fun pics of you in your sh*t! Sarah and I split these duties, and we both love it when our customers are happy :)
  • Talking with Kandi, Christina, and Sarah about literally anything. Some hot topics lately have been A Star is Born, workout routines, Faux-30 (fake whole 30), and how to organize the office

12pm: Lunch. Usually at my desk. Usually leftovers of whatever Andy cooked the night before. Always delish. 

1pm - 4pm: More talking; more planning; more marketing hats and wraps and ponchos to all of you. What could be better?!?

4pm - 4:30pm: I try to be out the door by 4pm, so I can get home in time to play with Kennedy. I live in Charlestown, so it usually takes 20-30 minutes to get home. My car ride home is a REALLY important part of my day...I always call my mom. We are super close, and I always need my mom-time to catch up, gossip, vent, etc. When I miss a day of talking to my mom in the car, I usually feel lost and generally confused about how to be a human.

4:30pm - 7pm: This is what I’ve been calling “family time”. I’ve really, really been trying to put my phone away and focus on spending quality time with Kennedy and Andy. I’m not perfect at it, but I’m working on it. Here’s how things usually go:

  • Playtime: more rolling on the floor; more weird noises; LOTS of scenery changes to keep K entertained
  • Dinner: We make and feed K dinner - we just started subscribing to Raised Real and so far so good
  • Bathtime: Literally Kennedy’s fav time of day. She’s loved baths since day 1, and she’s just so happy to be slashing around.
  • Dancing to avoid crying: We’ll listen to anything - Tom Petty, Maggie Rogers, Grateful Dead (+Dead & Company), Baby Shark, Taylor Swift, Mumford & Sons - you know, the classics. 

7pm - 8pm: K goes down for the night at 7pm. She’s a REALLY good sleeper - and will sleep from 7pm-7am. Baby sleep is a really touchy subject - so all I will say is that we got REALLY lucky with Kennedy’s sleep habits. After she goes down, I workout in our basement/playroom. I’ve always loved working out - I’m just a better, nicer person when I do. Pregnancy def took its toll on my body, so it’s been a journey to get back to my normal self. I’ve been addicted to Obe workout classes recently - quick, challenging on-demand classes that are perf for those w/crazy schedules.

8pm - 10pm: A variety of activities:

  • Andy cooks dinner (usually something from Skinnytaste or Dude Diet), and we eat together. Another great part of my day - it’s nice to share a little time together during the chaos that is the rest of the day.
  • I clean - I figured this would make you all realize I’m not a total brat
  • I finish up work for the day (see, Christina - always working)
  • Andy and I catch on our TV Show du jour. I could write like 15 blog posts on our fav shows...so I’ll save that for more #content!!!!

10pm: Brush teeth and lights out for me!

There you go - hope I didn’t scare anyone!

XO - Tory

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