Hi everyone! We're back with more #content, and we could not be more excited to feature this amazing duo in our WWL (Women We Love) series.

Megan and Moria Flynn are two of my favorite people, and they are incredibly successful entrepreneurs. They own M.Flynn Jewelry in the South End, and let's just say, it's my personal version of heaven. I could rave about them for pages and pages - but let's just let this interview speak for itself: 

Entrepreneur: Megan + Moria Flynn of M.Flynn Jewelry


How I met them: People used to always talk about the M.Flynn girls and to be totally honest, I was a little bit intimidated. Their store is fancy, high-end, cool, and shiny. In typical Christina fashion, I decided to face my fears and email them with some weird intro like, “I feel like I should know you…” We scheduled a time to meet up at their store for coffee... I stayed for 2 hours. It was like the best first date ever.

My take on the M.Flynn Sisters: Megan and Moria draw you in. They are magnetic. They ask all of the right questions and make you feel like the funniest, most important person in the room. They are insanely smart, have great gut-instincts, and have created a cult following in Boston. Not only do they sell gorgeous jewelry by high-end designers like David Webb, they also do custom work - making wedding bands (like mine!), engagement rings, remakes of antique jewelry. You name it, they do it. They also understand the importance of experiential retail. For starters, their shop is beautiful and smells delicious. Their staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. Plus, they host lots of great events that involve champagne!!

Here are their thoughtful answers to the VERY quick questions I’ve been asking female entrepreneurs I love:

What is one piece of advice you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Moria: Surround yourself with other people who are starting businesses. Find people who are doing similar things so you can get ideas and ask questions. It doesn't matter what kind of businesses you all have, you will all have similar worries and goals. We shared our space with many businesses as we grew...now we have our own space, but it was so helpful and continues to be beneficial to get new ideas and run problems by someone who knows what having a business is like. We get together with business owners all the time and we have a network of owners . (Christina, you're one of those people)

Megan: Have serious conversations with your partner (if you have one). Moria and I are sisters and one of the best things we did was meet with a lawyer in the beginning who was also a friend. He asked a lot of tough questions of what would happen to our relationship if things didn't work out with the business, one of us wanted to leave the business and how much time we were willing to spend working. Partnerships are hard but not having a partner is hard too. I think it's just really important to be honest because I can tell you that things will not be easy.

What is one not-so-sexy (sh*ttiest) part of working for yourself that people don't typically see on social media?

Moria: No maternity leave (each of my 3 children spent lots of time at our business and going to tradeshows) and you do not ever completely go on vacation. There's no one to cover for you so you better respond. Having said that, as a mom I have incredible flexibility that allows me to be with my kids a lot.

Megan: I would say putting myself out there is always hard.  We've become a lot more confident as we've gotten older (look forward to being over 40 ladies!), but it's hard to be "on" all the time. I am also a very social person so I also love working with people and learning from our customers, so it's great that when I go home, I can be calm and anti-social.

If there are things that are "shitty" about starting your own thing, what keeps you going? What's one of the best parts of your "job"?

​Moria:  It's an honor to be a part of people's special moments. The industry is constantly evolving and I love seeing the new designers and coming up with new pieces for the store.

Megan: The gemstones and being part of a industry that's incredibly cool. I am always learning, and I just love being a part of our customer's special moments. I love sitting down with a client and sorting out jewelry that's so meaningful and figuring out the next step for the pieces. It can be really emotional for people. Jewelry holds a true connection to the people we love.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out M.Flynn Jewelry in the South End. We even linked directions for you :)



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