Meet the STIK Team

Meet the STIK Team


Here’s a crazy stat - at this time last year, practically to the day, the STIK team consisted of two people…That’s it! Together, Christina and Sarah managed everything from production to marketing to events to fulfillment and so much more. I was lucky enough to join the team a year ago, and since then we’ve basically doubled the number of team members we have in our office.

Since we’ve grown so much over the last year, we thought it would be nice to take some time to introduce the team. TBH, we’re not THAT interesting, but we thought it would be nice for you to know who we are and what we work on at Sh*t That I Knit.

Christina Fagan, Founder and CKO

What I do at Sh*t That I Knit: I'm the founder and "Chief Knitting Officer" at STIK! Once upon a time (like a year ago), I had my hands in everything - from packing orders, updating our website, running around to events, and paying the bills. Today we are a team of six here in the Boston HQ, so my day-to-day has changed quite a bit. I'm trying to focus on big-picture ideas and initiatives as well as plan ahead for our aggressive growth plan! 

Favorite STIK Product: This season, it's going to be The Rutherford Beanie in Sky with a light blue fom fom. 

Why I love working here: It's my baby!! Coming to work each day is an absolute dream. Yes, there are times where I wish I could have someone else take over (mostly around tax season), but most days I am just so grateful to be doing what I love. A few other reasons include (but are not limited to): my incredible team - it's a built-in social life here at STIK, everyone is friends and we have so much fun together; the fact that we are doing good - we really do make an impact with the community of women we work with in Peru; and of course, watching something that I dreamed up in my crazy head become a reality. Nowadays, I sit in meetings at our office and just beam looking at this incredible team we have assembled. Being a solo founder can be really lonely, so to finally have a group of people who care almost as much as I do about the success of STIK is mind-blowing.  

Where you’ll find me on the weekends: That's a tough one! Being a New Englander, we tend to travel lots on the weekends to get out of the sticky city in the summer. We love heading up to Maine or to the Islands, plus spend a considerable amount of time at my family's house in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In the winter, we ski every weekend at Cannon Mountain where I can spot at least 5 STIK hats a day.

Megan Teggart, Director of Communications 

What I do at Sh*t That I Knit: I recently joined as the Director of Communications. My days are spent sharing the STIK story with media contacts, connecting with influencers, celebs and other content creators, partnering with badass brands on giveaways and events, among many other fun things! 

Favorite STIK Product: The Rutherford Beanie in on Wednesdays We Wear Pink with a natural fom fom. The Rutherford is great for gals with heads on the smaller-size, and the hot pink is… perfect.

Why I love working here: Simply put: I feel so energized coming into the office every day. I spent my career working in PR at large consumer goods companies, and while I'm appreciative of that experience, there's something so special about working at a "start-up" brand. There's an energy in our office that's hard to explain - but let me try. Everyone is ripe with ideas - no bad ideas - and brainstorming is a daily (sometimes hourly...) activity. There's an all-hands-on-deck mentality - if something needs to get done, we all have a part in making it happen (example A: approx. 30 boxes from Peru that needed to be unpacked for our fall product drop). You play a pivotal part in the overall success. How cool is it to see your work make an impact on the business? And finally - Christina's authenticity and passion has translated into an incredible community of brand enthusiasts - and who wouldn't want to be part of that?? 

Where you’ll find me on the weekends: When I'm in town for the weekend, I try to live by the no-plan-plan. This means I'll usually sleep in, head to a workout class with a girlfriend, or go on a run with my husband (yes - we're the couple that likes to run together, don't @ me). We'll then find a new-to-us restaurant or beer garden in the area and I'll order whichever IPA is most recently on tap... balance!! 

Tory Bois, Director of Marketing

What I do at Sh*t That I Knit: I’m the Director of Marketing, so you can usually find me working on anything and everything marketing related. From branding and creative to email design and execution to all things digital - website, ads, content. There’s a lot to do - but it’s so fun having my hands in so many things at once. 

Favorite STIK Product: I’m going for the The Motley Beanie in Sky this year. The color is AMAZING (not to brag…)

Why I love working here: Man, oh man. Where to start?! I’ve worked in a number of different environments in my career, and I can honestly say that there’s something special about Sh*t That I Knit. First and foremost, I love our team. I look forward to coming into the office everyday knowing that I get to work next to five super smart, incredibly driven women. We are actually all friends, and we know more about each other’s lives than we care to admit. I feel much more confident taking risks in my day-to-day knowing that I have teammates next to me who will be there to celebrate if it goes well or peel me off the floor if it doesn’t (the latter has only happened once). I also love what we’re trying to do as a business. Christina has built such an amazing brand, and trying to take it to the next level is a constant challenge that I look forward to tackling every single day.

Where you’ll find me on the weekends: Definitely not sitting still. My daughter, Kennedy, is 16 months old and is full of energy. My husband and I spend most of our weekends trying to keep up with her. To be honest, she probably gets it from us - we have trouble ever sitting still - if we're not running around Boston, you can find us up in Kennebunk, Maine...probably at the Wine Bar (yes - it's a place and it's amazing.)

Sarah Jackson, Operations Manager

What I do at Sh*t That I Knit: I am the Operations Manager at STIK. I communicate constantly with our team in Peru about placing orders, the status of orders in process, new product development, quality control, etc. I handle all inventory management involving products, packaging, and office supplies. I also help facilitate the Give-a-Sh*t program.

Favorite STIK Product:  The Ainslie Tote in Sunkissed Blue. This season, I'm eyeing the Motley in Forest.

Why I love working here: Oh, so many reasons!! My favorite aspect since I first applied to work at STIK has been that its foundation is rooted in making a positive social impact, whether that is through hiring and empowering women in Peru to make our products or donating Give-a-Sh*t Knit Kits to young adult cancer patients or putting a smile on our customers' faces. I love how fast-paced we work and that we almost never turn down an opportunity to grow and expand - even if that means pulling together a pop up shop in two weeks. I love our TEAM! We have grown a lot over the past year and it's been so fun and exciting to add more and more supportive, motivated, kickass women who just "get it." I feel lucky that I am genuinely excited to go to work every single day. Every day brings a new challenge, triumph, or celebration!

Where you’ll find me on the weekends: This time of year, I'm soaking up all the warm weather and sun that I can before winter hits! Occasionally, I go home to Cape Cod to get my dose of salt air, but otherwise you can find me hanging with friends around Boston and Cambridge. We hit up our favorite restaurants, go to breweries, find fun places to watch sports games, and sometimes just hang. Pretty much every Sunday evening, I go for a bike ride with my roommates along the Charles River....which more often than not involves a stop at Figs in Beacon Hill for some pizza and a salad.

Claudia Noonan, Events Manager

What I do at Sh*t That I Knit: I am the Events Manager here at STIK! I absolutely love coming into work and getting to brainstorm ideas for events around the country. Every day is different, whether it's connecting with the team at the HQ or sharing the love of STIK with our customers at pop-ups.

Favorite STIK Product: I am obsessing over the new The Rutherford Beanie in Blush with a natural fom fom.

Why I love working here: The people!! The STIK team is hands down the best team out there. It's such a joy to be able to come to work everyday with my friends. We all work incredibly close together and there's not a day I don't laugh in the office. 

Where you’ll find me on the weekends: In the hot summers, Nantucket is my favorite place to escape to. In the winters, I love going home to New Hampshire to ski with my family and friends. Plus, hanging out with my Bernese Mountain Dog is a bonus.


Clemence Lourdin, Marketing and Operations Co-op

What I do at Sh*t That I Knit: I'm the operations and marketing intern at STIK. I do a lot of order fulfillment, customer service and email marketing. I also work on content creation, as for instance revamping the Give-a-Shit Knit Kits booklets, creating snapshots of new colors/products to send to customers or wholesale stores. I've also worked on different photoshoots and absolutely loved it!!!! 

Favorite STIK Product: I'm in love with the Linus Beanie in Charcoal. It's such a cute and soft hat! 

Why I love working here: Reason #1 is THE TEAM!! I love that we're a small and fun team of women, all willing to help each other and do what's best for STIK. Also, my days are all different (routine is not a word we use a lot here), plus I love moving around the office! 

Where you’ll find me on the weekends: My Friday nights mostly consist of going out to bars, rooftops or clubs. Then for the rest of the weekend, I REST! I'm usually home or hanging out with my friends somewhere between the Charles River, Boston Common, and shopping on Newburry Street or Charles Street. When it's nice outside I love to watch the sunset, either from the Esplanade on Charles River or from my rusty-but-lovely rooftop. I also try to work out a little bit at the gym, but if I've got something better or more fun to do, I'll just skip working out. And I have to admit it happens quite a lot.

So there you go - our six person dream team. Safe to say, we love what we do, and we're all so grateful for the opportunity to work together to grow this brand. 


The STIK Team



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