Our top RTR picks for your fall wedding lineup

Our top RTR picks for your fall wedding lineup

Confession - I’ve always been of the mindset that summer is to weddings as fall is to back-to-school. This is just how things go. Between the ages of 25 - 37, every summer weekend is booked solid with weekends, but once you hit September, it’s time to hang up the dancing shoes and try to get words to Shout out of your head.

Clearly, I’ve been living under a rock (in my defense, I got married 4 years ago, and I’ve had a kid in that timeframe, so it’s not inaccurate.) According to the WeddingWire 2019 NewlyWed Report, 40% of all weddings take place in the fall. 40% - that’s a big number!

So what does this mean for the wedding guest? Since I typically associate summer with dresses, finding the right attire for different settings feels like second nature. Especially, if you are obsessed with Rent the Runway, like our entire office is. But fall is an entirely different story. It takes some WORK to find the right look.

So, being the good friends that we are, we’ve put together our top Rent the Runway picks for Fall Wedding Season. We’ve even bucketed them by theme and venue AND offered some styling ideas because we’re awesome like that.

What’s prettier than the mountains in the fall? The correct answer is basically nothing, except for you in this Adelina Maxi by Ulla Johnson. This dress is the perfect shape for fall - it’s long, so you won’t be cold if the weather trends toward the chillier side, but the deep neckline keeps it young and fresh and stunning. In layman's terms - it shows just enough skin without being over-the-top. Also, we cannot get over this color…

You’ll definitely need something to throw over this dress to stay warm, and conveniently, Sh*t That I Knit has the PERFECT wrap made just for that. We’d pair this dress with our Pardy Wrap in Blacklist. Stay chic, ladies!

Ah - who doesn’t love a black tie wedding?! A chance to get all glammed up, look fabulous, and get some amazing instagram pics. Knowing that there are probably going to be lots of pics taken and shared on social media, you need to look GOOD. This Jill Jill Stuart gown is guaranteed to stun. Going with a black gown is always a safe bet, but this A-line red number will spice it up and give a little color in all the pics.

Pair it with the Pardy Wrap in Cream so you have something to throw over your shoulders as you head off the dance floor.

Let’s just kick this off by saying I LOVE a rustic farmhouse wedding, especially in the fall. All I can think of are pumpkins and mums and a cozy, intimate vibe. I was initially drawn to it by the colors - it’s bright and definitely screams “I’m confident and fun at weddings.” And now that I’ve taken a closer look, I really want to be invited to a rustic farmhouse wedding so I can wear this. (Also, in case you missed it, our girl, Savannah Guthrie, wore this on the Today Show and she looks stunning!!!!)

Because this dress is so bright, I’d pair it with a darker wrap - and if it were me, I’d go with the Pardy Wrap in Navy.

You make think that seaside weddings are only for summer, but THINK AGAIN! In my opinion, fall by the sea is magical, and who doesn’t want their wedding to be described as magical? Here’s the answer: no one. Let’s talk dresses - my first thought for a seaside wedding is dressing for the weather - it’s probably going to be a bit cooler (read: breezier) by the sea, so this Selena Dress by Veronica Beard is exactly what we need. Full length sleeve, calf-length, and covered in a fun, floral print - it’s a match made in seaside wedding heaven.

You’ll likely still need a wrap, even with your long sleeve - we’d brighten this up a bit with our Pardy Wrap in Heather.

Last but not least, the classic estate wedding. The Floral Overlay Dress by Monique Lhuillier was literally made to be worn in or around a castle. The detailed overlay is stunning and adds just the right amount of color to your look, and the A-line shape flatters every size and shape. Since you’ll likely be inside for dinner, we think this open neckline is just stunning.

But - you guessed it - you’ll want a wrap for cocktail hour. With the coloring of the overlay detail, we’d pair this dress with our Pardy Wrap in Heathered Green - so cute, and SO fun!

Even though fall is even busier with wedding season, we HOPE that we’ve taken one thing off your to-do list by finding you the perfect outfit for any wedding you’re attending. And look at it this way, at least you’re summer weekends will open up...



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