Our Monthly Favs - September 2019

Based on all of our research, if you don’t do a “Monthly Favs” post on the blog on your website, you are basically nothing, so here we are. Every month, we’ll do a STIK team round up of one thing we are each obsessed with at the moment. If you know us, you know you can expect some surprises, some WTF moments, and some incredibly basic, but equally necessary items each month. We hope this series will inspire and delight you each month (or at least help us rank for SOMETHING other than “knit shit” on Google.)

Ok. Here we are - our very first monthly favs round-up from the Sh*t That I Knit team. Our first task at hand is to rename this blog series something more creative - share you ideas in the comments. Winner will receive the pride of knowing they helped our team out.

Anywhoo - our goal in sharing this content is a) to help you get to know our team a bit better; b) to actually share things that we like in hopes that you might be inspired to check out some new brands, shows, activities, books, sh*t etc.; and c) to MAYBE put a smile on your face.

My monthly fav is the Todoist app on my laptop and my phone. Things are getting crrrazy over here at STIK, but it's also prime time for getting ahead on things before the real insanity hits in about a month. Todoist has come in clutch keeping me organized and on top of my Sh*t. My memory is not so reliable, so I love that I'm able to add things to my Todo list weeks in advance so that fewer things slip through the cracks. I also love that the app on my phone allows me to jot down tasks whenever I think of them and wherever I am.

My hair game has been upgraded ever since I started using Slip's Silk Scrunchies. I've been trying to grow my hair out, and these thin scrunchies have been a game changer since they don't cause breakage. Not to mention, creases from ponytails are nonexistent, AND they come in leopard patterns. It's an accessory I didn't know needed, but now can't live without.

I have to preface my monthly fav by saying I KNOW I'm late to the Rothy's game. After Meghan Markle wore them last year, they've been on my radar, and it's embarrassing that it's taken me this long to pull the trigger. But the truth is they really are as good as everyone says. I've been living in the Oliva Camo Rothy's Loafers this month - they are so comfortable, and I feel good wearing them because they are made from recycled plastic bottles. So I'm basically saving the world and my feet at the same time.

For the past seven years, I've commuted via public transportation every single day. I spent many mornings on the 6 train in Manhattan, and quickly learned that it's not a metrocard, but a CHARLIE CARD here in Boston. In my new role at STIK, it made much more sense to commute by car. My first purchase for said vehicle sounds really extra, but makes me so excited to drive every morning. D.S. & Durga, a perfumery based in Brooklyn, is known for their delightfully delicious perfumes, candles, and also... auto air fresheners. I bought mine in "Big Sur After Rain" and you bet that it's hanging proudly from my rearview mirror... which I know is so dorky but I have no shame.

This month, I've been obsessed with "The Mind, Explained" documentary series on Netflix. It talks about dreams, anxiety, memories and many more captivating subjects that give you a better understanding of your brain and on how your daily life affects your brain. Not to mention that I feel so much smarter now!!!

Last week, I celebrated my one year workiversary at Sh*t That I Knit. I feel so lucky to be able to work for a brand that I love with people that I love even more. TBH, I’m also feeling a little confused about how time works because HOW has it been a year?! For my one year celebration, I came into the office to an amazing brunch spread (champagne included!!), some giant balloons, and lots of hugs. But my favorite part was the gift I received from Christina - it’s an adorable charm of “our girl”, as we call her made by my fav jewelers at M.Flynn. It’s so thoughtful and has served as a constant reminder of how amazing it is to work at STIK. Christina and I have known each other for a long (very long, almost 15 years!) time, and I’m so grateful to her for letting me associate myself with this amazing brand that she’s built. It’s just the best. So ya, I’m crying now, it’s fine, I’m fine; but ultimately, my fav thing this month is my girl.

Woo! There ya go - our first monthly favs. Let us know what you think in the comments, and your ideas for a new name for this series. Yay - okay byeeeee.


The STIK Team

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