STIK's Gift Guide for the Mom in your Life

STIK's Gift Guide for the Mom in your Life

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Finally, the gift guide you’ve all been waiting for. One dedicated to the HARDEST people to buy for...literally in the entire world. This is a gift guide for any special mom-figure in your life. It could be your real mom, your work mom, your mom-in-law, your friend who’s a mom, your grandma, your hairdresser who acts like your get the point. My brothers and I have a decent amount of experience in this holiday gift-giving department because our mom’s birthday is January 2nd. We’ve had to get creative over the years giving double the gifts within one week. One thing’s for sure: DO NOT buy your competitive mom who has never golfed before golf clubs for Christmas so that she can play with the rest of the family. She WILL have a fit on the first hole over the “stupid present she never wanted.” 

I think there is one main reason moms are can be so hard to shop for: they are the absolute best! They do so much for us we could never repay them in a gift. Honestly, I usually go shopping with my mom and buy something for her that she was 100% going to buy for herself anyway. But, there’s no fun in that! I’m an adult now and there are no excuses to not get my mom something she deserves and she will love. This year, I did some extensive research and I am confident I am going to crush all of my mom gifts. 

1. A Bud Vase or Jilly Cup from Jill Rosenwald. You may remember Jill from our collaboration on the Ainslie Tote. She designed the beautiful, happy teardrop fabric on the inside of our totes. Jill only just started making fabrics with her prints, but she and her team are known for their cheerful ceramics. All of Jill Rosenwald’s pieces are one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, and hand-painted here in Boston. You can’t help but be obsessed with Jill Rosenwald’s pieces. The Bud Vase and Jilly Cup are perfect lil gifts bound to brighten any room. Price: $70

2. The Pardy Wrap. Looking for sh*t to buy for Mom? The Pardy Wrap is THE perfect mom gift. The Pardy Wrap is our most versatile product. You can wrap up in it like a blanket, throw it over your shoulder for a chic cocktail look, or throw it around your neck like a scarf. All types of moms - expecting, new, and seasoned - can find a use for the Pardy Wrap. Not to mention, they are made of the softest alpaca wool, making them comfortable and cozy, but also breathable. You can wear them all year round! Want to really impress your mom? Make the Pardy Wrap extra special with a monogram. Price: $185

3. The O.G. 2 Bag from Lo & Sons. Moms are BUSY and always on the move. My mom’s bag is like Mary Poppins’ bag. She has approximately 4 lip glosses, 2 wallets, a change purse, a notebook, 7 pens, tissues, a tape measure, snacks, her phone (on loud), cream, nail polish, sometimes her whole nail set, 2 pairs of sunglasses, reading glasses, the list goes on. And, if you’re a mom with kids at home, I know this list gets exponentially longer. I love that this bag has a compartment for everything, even a discreet pocket for shoes on the bottom. The O.G. 2 Bag is perfect for everyday running around, work, AND traveling. It even has a little slot to slide onto the handle of your suitcase! Price: $233

4. The Bouqs Co. Flower Subscription. My mom loves having fresh flowers around the kitchen. Whenever I come home and there aren’t fresh flowers decorating the house, I assume something is wrong. I swear, when my mom is not working or sleeping, she is running errands. With Bouqs, stopping at the flower shop is one less thing on her list of errands. Plus, a Bouqs subscription pairs great with a Bud Vase or Jilly Cup from Jill Rosenwald!Price: $36 - $60

5. A Retrospec Bike- City Bike or Beach Cruiser. Ok, this one might have thrown you for a loop, but trust me. My mom spends much of her life in the car. She’s always complaining about traffic. A bike not only allows her to get places on her own time, but also gives her a great chance to relax while exercising. These Retrospec bikes come in super cute, trendy colors. They also come in many different styles so no matter where your mom is she can have the perfect bike for her environment. Whether she is on the beach, in the mountains, or an urban city gal, these Retrospec Bikes are not only practical but very cute. Price: $219

6. Gift card to a spa. Mommas work so hard to take care of everyone else that they forget about themselves. Give your mom the “me time” and pampering that she deserves. As a daughter who has given MANY spa gift cards, I know you can’t go wrong with encouraging your mom to take some time to relax and rejuvenate. Make her schedule an appointment right then and there so she actually goes. She’ll be thanking you later. Price: $150 - $300

7. STIK Mittens. On the side of the soccer field, in the hockey rink, driving the car or walking the dog - mom’s do it all and they deserve to be warm when they are doing it. The STIK mittens are the perfect gift for any mom - they come in many fun colors (you can even match her beanie to her new mitty’s!) and two different styles. There are holes for her thumb and index finger so she can still text or call you and she won’t even need to take them off. All the moms in your life are going to need a pair this holiday season. Price: $80

8. Google Home. Every gift guide needs a tech option right? A Google home is not only incredibly helpful, but also pretty fun. My mom always asks me to Google things for her but when I am not around the Google home is very convenient for this task. It can also help her play music when my brothers and I aren’t home. My mom can just say “hey Google, play Indigo Girls” and she is good to go! You can also ask Google to tell you the weather or set a timer. Google is the personal assistant all moms need - this is one gift that definitely won’t be returned! Price: $99

I feel like this gift guide could go on forever, so we’re going to cut it there. After writing this, I hope you’re inspired to buy your mom something super special this year, because let’s be honest - she deserves it.


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Ollie Carver
Ollie Carver

This is a great guide to have a clear idea of what to give to mom. I would like to add that Retrospec also sell longboards, which is a great gift for a young mom with adventurous spirit . Hope that helps. Have a great day you all.

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