It’s here, it’s here! Finally - it’s the week of Black Friday! For those of you who are new here, our Black Friday Sale is our biggest sale of the year and we sell out of sh*t faster than you can say "balaklava." So the key to success is to be prepared and act fast. To help you loosen up and prep for a fantastic shopping experience, our CKO, Christina Pardy, is here to share a few thoughts about our sale.

Not into the video thing? Totally fine (we thought it was funny, but we get it.) Here’s the scoop on the sale:

The Deal: We’re offering 20% off EVERYTHING on the STIK website

The Sched: The sale starts at 12am on Friday November 29th 2019 and runs through Cyber Monday (aka 11:59 pm on Monday December 2nd).

The Promo Code: We’ll have it plastered all over the website once the sale starts. You won’t miss it, we promise.

What To Buy

So now that you have a lay of the Sh*t That I Knit Sale landscape, it’s time to dive deeper into your BFCM (Black Friday-Cyber Monday) preparation by scouting out what you want to buy. If you haven’t checked out our Gift Guides yet, this would be a fab place to start. They include products from all different brands (including STIK), and, if I do say so myself, they are great reads.

But what are we coveting this year from the STIK collection? Here are a few of our fav items you might want to add to your Holiday shopping list:

Why you want this: The answer is simple: it’s classic, it’s comfy, and you can wear it with ANYTHING.

Why you want this: Well first of all, these bundles are a great deal - you get two STIK items (or three in the case of our Mega Bundle) for a great price. Also, they make a SUPER nice gift for any of your loved ones who need to stay warm and want to look cute all winter.

Why you want this: It’s the season of giving, and while most people are buying for other people, we believe it’s also a time to buy yourself a present. And in that scenario, we’d recommend these sparkly beauties.

Why you want this: Mittens get so overlooked, but they are an incredibly important accessory in the winter. And frankly, they are some of the most fun things to buy for yourself. So what could be better than getting a pair of bright colored mittens for someone you love. (The answer is nothing. Nothing is better than that.)

Alright friends - there you have it. We’ve done our duties - you are ready. You’ve done your reading. You’ve browsed our collections. The only thing left to do is shop til you drop. If you have more specific questions (about things like returns, how to enter the promo code, etc.), you can find all the answers here. OR you can always email us at

Happy Holidays + Happy Shopping!
~The STIK Team


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