STIK's Gift Guide for the Kiddo in your Life

STIK's Gift Guide for the Kiddo in your Life

Full disclosure - when we originally planned out the gift guides back in AUGUST, doing a gift guide for the kiddo in your life felt like it would be a lay up. So easy, right? I’m a mom; I have a kid; which makes me an expert in kids (lol); and kids love everything. Writing this will be a breeze. 

Well, I was devastatingly wrong. As I’ve thought about writing this gift guide, I’ve realized a few things. First, “kids” come a range of genders, ages, likes, dislikes, etc. So what “kids” am I going to recommend gift guides for?! I’m still not sure as I’m writing this. And second, moms of kids (like me) are very serious about their gift giving. We want the best for our babes because they are perfect angels that can do no wrong and deserve the world. I’m quickly realizing that this is a LOT of pressure. There is a very high bar for kiddo gift guides that I’m about to try to meet. I’m sweating…

The english major in me is chanting: “Write what you know, Tory,” so that’s what I’m going to do. The truth is that I can’t be all things to all people, so for those of you who do not have a little one around the age of 2, I’m really sorry. This gift guide might not have what you’re looking for. That said, I’ve included items that might appeal to boys and girls (because frankly, my daughter loves her train set just as much as her baby doll and that makes me happy.) Now onto the gifts!

1. Smart Wallaby Music Set. So I’m quickly learning that kids LOVE music. This has become increasingly apparent to me as my daughter, Kennedy, has started to play a new game (we call it, “Momma Jukebox”) where she yells out song names and I have to sing them (very fun, equally as exhausting.) So to aid in said game, I’m eyeing this music set for Ken. This 15 (yes, 1-5) piece set includes everything a 2 year old could want to work on his or her version of Beethoven No.9. Price: $30.99

2. Big Red Barn. If I were a 2 year old, I think this would be my favorite toy. But I can 100% say that as a mom, this is definitely my favorite of Kennedy's toys. The set comes with a barn and 5 super cute animals, and watching Kennedy play with it brings me so much joy. It’s amazing watching her imagination come to life. The barn is easily portable and it opens and collapses, which makes it super simple to clean up when playtime is over. Price: $22.50

3. STIK Balaklava. If your kiddo likes to dress up, or if you live in a colder/freezing climate (like Boston), the STIK animal-themed balaklava is the accessory you need to add to cart. We offer five different animals - but our personal favs are the Unicorn and the Fox. ICYMI - Eva Chen, Head of Fashion at Instagram, posted about our Unicorn Balaklava in November. All of the balaklavas are super soft - they are made with 100% Merino Wool (which as a parent you should read to mean 0% itchy). Price: $80.00

4. Crate & Barrel TeePee. Assuming you have the space for something like this, the Crate & Barrel Teepee is such a fun space for kids to hang out in. We got one for Kennedy for her birthday and she loves running in and out of it, reading in it, bringing her “guys” (stuffed animals) into it and playing with them. This teepee has kept Kennedy occupied for hours on end, and gives her an adorable play space just for her, which I love! Price: $159.00

5. Coloring Table. Real talk: this is on my list of things to get for Kennedy this year. She’s recently shown a real propensity for coloring, and as a parent I feel I need to support this talent with the right tools and space for her to shine. Hence, this coloring table. What I like about it is that it has the built-in storage space. To be frank - we live in an apartment in the city, and we really don’t have a ton of room. I’m thinking I might use one of these compartments for socks...more to come on that. I’ll probably outfit the table with some special coloring materials, specifically more of these kits. The markers only show up on paper (aka not on your walls!) Price: $129.99

6. Weekend with Grandma or Grandpa or Auntie or Uncle. This gift is a two-for-one. The primary recipient is obviously your kiddo - it’s always special to spend dedicated time with other family members for a night or two. The more subtle treat is for YOU! A free weekend to spend on your own sans baby. Let’s be honest, we love our kiddos, but it’s important to have time to yourself/with your partner/with your friends too. Highly recommend this gift. PS. The cuties used in the photo in the graphic above are my dad (Pops) and Kennedy...They are the best! Price: priceless

7. Doctor and Nurses Set.When I was little, I remember LOVING playing doctor. Unclear why, as I had zero interest in becoming one when I grew up, but I’m kind of glad I got exposed to it early, so that I could learn it wasn’t for me (pretty sure my C- in biology led me to that conclusion, but I digress.) It’s unclear what Kennedy’s future holds, but I’m loving this doctor set from Maisonette. It’s super cute and I love that the set is made from sustainable materials too. Price: $49.99

8. Hape Scoot-Around Wooden Bike. We own this bike, and we love this bike. It’s not too big and it’s totally manageable for Ken to scoot around on. The wheels are rubberized so it won’t ruin the floors in your house and it can also be used outside. Price: $64.00

Boom - there you have it. 8 ideas to make the holidays special for your 2-ish-year-old. Hopefully you actually buy one of these things - that would make me so happy. But at the very least, I hope one of these items sparks an idea for you. 

And if neither of those things are true, and this was not a hit for you, maybe you’ll find something in one of our other gift guides. Check out our guide for the guy in your life and for the millennial girl in your life!

Happy Shopping!


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