STIK's Gift Guide for the Guy in your Life

STIK's Gift Guide for the Guy in your Life

I don’t know about you, but in my completely biased opinion - men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Husbands, boyfriends, fathers and brothers - I’ve noticed that if a man wants something, he’ll usually go out and buy it for himself without waiting for a holiday or a special occasion. This men-tality (see what I did there?) makes it especially tricky for the gal who’s simply trying to buy a stand-out gift for the man she loves! 

Since my love language is gift-giving, I’ll let you in on a sneaky trick. Throughout the year, whenever your difficult-to-shop-for man even slightly makes a comment about anything at all - write it in your phone notes. Did he subtly reference a cool fleece he saw on Instagram? Write it down. Complaining about how airpods actually don’t fit well in his ears? Make a note. By the holidays, you’ll have a full list of gifting ideas! Since it’s already November, you probably didn’t spend 2019 being this vigilant. Luckily, we’re here to help! We crowdsourced our friends to compile the below list of gifts that have gone over exceptionally well for the man in their life. Enjoy! 

1. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket. These jackets are incredibly warm, durable, and water-resistant. They’re lightweight and fold up easily, making them the travel accessory your brother/boyfriend didn’t know he needed. They’re also great for layering - they can be worn alone or under another jacket pending the forecast. As a Patagonia product, you know you’re buying something of incredible quality, designed to endure the seasons (AKA last a very long time), and eco-friendly. Win-win-win in my book! Price: $119-199

2. Gift Certificate to Regrip Golf Clubs. This is a great gift for any avid golfer on your list. Speaking from experience, this task has been on my husband’s to-do list for many months, and apparently he just “hasn’t gotten around to doing it.” Instead, buy a gift card to your local golf store with a comment that notes this gift card is specifically to be used to regrip his clubs. Bonus points if you also go with him to make sure it actually gets done ;) Price: $50-$100

3. Allbirds Wool Runner Shoe.You can’t go wrong with Allbirds. They’re both stylish and comfortable, making them the perfect everyday shoe for any man on your list. I’m getting these for my dad and brother this year  (hope they’re not reading this blog post!) to encourage them to deviate from their typical Nikes. Allbirds’ most popular sneaker - the Wool Runners - are made from merino wool, which is the same material as our STIK beanies so you know they’re cozy! Price: $95

4. STIK Linus Beanie. Our Linus beanie was launched in October and it’s already a favorite among our male audience. Handmade using a unique blend of merino and alpaca wool, this beanie is equal parts cozy and functional and absolutely zero parts itchy. The Linus comes in two colors - charcoal and navy - meaning one of the colors is bound to match your man’s winter jacket. I’ll also let you in on a little secret - while this was designed with guys in mind, the Linus beanie also looks insanely adorable on men and women (meaning you can steal it…)! Price: $80

5. Lululemon Discipline Pant. I think these are intended to be worn while working out, but in my house they are the dedicated lounge pants. They’re stretchy and breathable (read: comfy) but also look sharp enough to be worn while running errands or taking the dog for a walk. They’re made using Lululemon’s very beloved ABC technology, which means they’re anti….crushing. If you know, you know. Price: $108

6. Harry’s Fig Body Wash. I discovered this product when I was at my friend’s house and she came out of the shower smelling like a mix of fruit and spices. The smell was so intoxicating that I demanded to know exactly where it was purchased. When she admitted it was actually her husband’s Harry’s body wash that she bought at Target, I knew I needed to get myself a bottle. At the price point, this should be a no-brainer stocking stuffer for every man on your list. It’s truly the gift that gives back - you buy it for your man and get to use it, or you get it for your stinky brother and he comes to dinner smelling delicious (just kidding, Dan - you’re not stinky!) Price: $7

7. Birddogs The Gym Shorts. Apparently, these are the most comfortable gym shorts on the market right now. One of the key differentiators? Built in underwear. And while I can’t speak from experience, I’d assume men find this very comfortable, compact and… easy to wear? IDK but I really like the array of color combinations and at the price point, think they make for a great gift for your boyfriend or husband. Their marketing is also hilarious (albeit a bit raunchy at times) which we think your man might find amusing. Price: $54.95-$69

8. Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumblr. This is my favorite gift to give someone who I know well, but not well enough to buy them shorts with built-in underwear (read: father-in-law). Drinking coffee in the winter is always a race against the clock, but this tumblr guarantees that your drink will stay hot (and I mean, piping hot) all morning long. Bonus points that it can also keep your beer cold (and I mean ice cold) all evening long. Price: $29.99

Hopefully these have been helpful in sparking ideas for your very loved, but very hard to shop for man. Let us know if you’ve ever gifted something on this list (and how it went over) or if there’s a must-have that we’re missing!! And be sure to check out our Gift Guide from last week for more ideas for the Millennial Girl in your life. 


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