STIK's Gift Guide for the Millennial Girl in your Life

STIK's Gift Guide for the Millennial Girl in your Life

Buckle up, friends - it’s officially gift guide season, and the STIK Team is here for it. We’ve been talking about gift guides since August, and it turns out, the seven of us collectively share a common feeling about these pieces of content: there is nothing we love more than a really solid, well-researched gift guide, but there is nothing (and I mean nothing) we loathe more than a terrible, useless gift guide. (Have you ever googled “gifts for my mom”? It’s horrible, don’t do it.)

We want really good gift ideas for our loved ones - creative ideas that get us excited. There’s nothing better than getting excited for someone you love to open their gift, amirite?! So this year, we decided to take gift guide creation into our own hands. Over the next six weeks, we’ll be sharing gift guides for all of the people in your life - kiddos, moms, gentlemen, yourself (gasp!)

So just call us Santa and STIK with us this holiday season. We’ve got your back.

Gifts for the Millennial Girl in your Life

Let’s hear it for the millennials! Technically, I am a millennial myself (we’re born between 1981 - 1996) so I feel I really know what I’m talking about with this part of the population. For those of you who aren’t good at math (like me), we’re talkin’ anyone who is in the age range of 23 - 38 this year. It’s a broad range, but I’m 30 so I feel confident I can speak to all of these ages. 

Looking through the list of brands on this list, I realized that literally ALL of these companies have been founded by women. The honest truth is that I did not do this on purpose - I just truly love all of these brands, and the products/services they offer are top-notch. SO, if you don’t think I’ve picked the right product for your beloved millennial - totally fine, but I will say that I really believed I’ve picked the right companies for this generation.

1. One month of Rent The Runway Unlimited. Rent The Runway is changing the way women shop (or don’t shop, for that matter). For $160 a month, you can rent four pieces from an extensive catalog of clothing, and you can switch each item out as much or as little as you want. RTR has been running some fantastic promotions over the last few months, so it’s kind of a no-brainer gift, in my opinion. Price: Special rate - $99 for first month of Unlimited

2. Outdoor Voices Fleece. Outdoor Voices makes some seriously amazing activewear, and they really practice what they preach. The company was founded by Ty Haney in an effort to create the next global recreation brand. And boy, is she well on her way to do that. OV makes quality clothes and this fleece is, in my opinion, one of their best products. Price: $85

3. The Infinity Ring by AuRate. AuRate is a fine jewelry company based in NYC, and their jewelry is beautiful. I love that this is a ring that you can wear every day if you want, or you can dress it up for a special occasion. If you’re not sure if a ring is what your girl is looking for, we definitely recommend the digital gift card. They offer At-Home Try Ons - which is such a fun concept to make sure that your girl absolutely loves what she’s getting. Price: $120

4. Phone case from Minnie + Emma. You can say what you want about millennials but one thing is absolutely true - we love our phones. So what’s better than a really beautiful case to keep it protected. Minnie and Emma make sturdy, durable cases that are equally as beautiful. Plus you can customize it with initials or names to make it even cuter - so fun! One important note - the phone cases take 7-14 days to ship - good thing we are ahead of the Holiday game here. Price: $59

5. Sh*t That I Knit Rutherford Beanie. So obviously I’m a little biased but our newest beanies are beyond perfect for any millennial woman. We offer an array of colors - the bright options bring a little life to those grey winter days, and the neutrals are perfect for any outfit. I, personally, love the Rutherford Beanie in On Wednesdays We Wear Pink because it’s literally the most beautiful pink and will make anyone stand out from the crowd. It’s made from 100% merino wool and is super flattering on any sized head. Price: $125

6. Balm Dot Com trio Set from Glossier. I don’t have a single friend who doesn’t poke around the Glossier website on a regular basis. They make amazing product for a very reasonable price - any millennial I know can get down with that. But it might be tricky to buy makeup for someone else - so this Balm Dot Calm set is perfect - it’s cute and fun and the product is top-notch. Price: $30

7. Dagne Dover Bag. The Dagne Dover Legend Tote was literally made for women on-the-go. The brand’s goal was to create products that function for everyday life. What I love about this bag is that there are SO many pockets for all of the various things women carry in their bag - which is literally all I need in life. It comes in a range of colors and is very chic. Price: $265

8. Lean Lines Tee from La Ligne. I’m not sure what La Ligne’s marketing department looks like, but I have seen this brand all over my social media these days. The team also heard their co-founder, Valerie Macauley speak at an event in NYC, and we were all super impressed. So, with all that exposure, now I’ve been coveting one of their signature lean lines tees. It’s a cotton tee (who doesn’t love a cotton tee?) and has a very french vibe (who doesn’t love a french vibe?!) Price: $115

So there you have it! Our first gift guide of the season. We hope you found something on this list that you love and gets you in the holiday spirit. Next up - we’ll be sharing gifts for your guy! Woot woot - bring on the holidays!


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