Sh*t We're Thankful for This Year

Sh*t We're Thankful for This Year


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know I can speak for everyone on our team when I say that we cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind filled with special events, preparing for our big Black Friday Cyber Monday sale, and frankly, a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments. 

Even though it’s our craziest time of year, it’s not lost on any of us that we are all incredibly lucky for so many reasons. We’re all so grateful to all of the customers, fans, and followers who continue to support us as we try to “make fetch happen” for Sh*t That I Knit. Frankly, we're honored to be so busy - it means that you love our products and that you trust us with your holiday shopping - and for that, we all feel so lucky.  On top of that, we each have some special things we are thankful for this year. 

Claudia: First and foremost - I am grateful for my friends and family's health. Their well-being and happiness is my number one concern and I am so thankful for them. 

On a lighter & less serious note, I am also thankful for Andy Cohen for producing Bravo's guilty pleasure reality shows so I can unwind on days off (lol). 

Meg: Simply put, I'm thankful for the health and happiness of my family and friends. Sadly, this year brought far too many unexpected losses for my family. It made me fully aware of how short life really is - too short to spend time being upset about something silly, too short for negativity, too short to stay in a job that doesn't fulfill you, too short to apologize for being yourself. I know this sounds "woo-woo" (what our office likes to call anything hippy-dippy), but this year has been a long lesson in appreciating the small things - and especially the health of my loved ones.

SO with all of that said...I'm also grateful for Shonda Rhimes for creating Grey's Anatomy. I recently got back into the show after years of hiatus and the storyline and characters have been great company (and friends? I feel like they're my friends) for when I'm alone in my apartment when my husband is away on business trips. 

Clem: I'm really thankful for my friends and family, wherever they are, for always supporting me and making sure I'm the best version of myself. Special shout-out to my parents who work very hard and are giving me the opportunity to study abroad. 

I know this might seem a little silly, but I'm also very grateful for ASMR videos for helping me sleep like a baby each night and deal with stress during this busy time of year.

Sarah: I am seriously thankful to work at STIK alongside such a kickass, supportive team. I have been in awe witnessing what we have been able to accomplish together this year, and it is because of each team member’s unwavering dedication to STIK. I feel so grateful to wake up every single morning genuinely excited to go to work and collaborate with super smart, ambitious women. Not only do we get shit done, but we support each other. With our team’s support and ambition, I personally have been able to grow in ways I had no idea I could. While I’m always thankful for my family and friends every day, this year I’m especially thankful for our team and STIK! 

Along with our amazing team and brand, I’d be remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude for wine this year. I know you all are thinking it too. I mean, come on, there is nothing better than coming home from a long, busy day at work and cozying up with a blankey and glass of red wine. 

Tory: Oh, where to start. I feel like once a week I have to jump up and down/do a weird dance to remind myself that I’m not dreaming and that my day-to-day is my actual life. I have so much to be grateful for, mostly because I am surrounded by the most amazing people on a daily basis. Not quite sure what I did in a past life to deserve all of the amazing relationships that I have - with my husband, Andy, (who deserves an award for being so patient with me), my little Kenny girl, my family, my friends, my team. It’s insane. Unclear if it’s because I’m 30 and ‘mature’ now or something - but I can honestly say I’ve never felt luckier.

With all of that said, this year, ya girl would not have been able to function without three things - Starbucks Venti Black Iced Coffee (because #blackfridayprep), date nights with Andy at Old Vines Wine Bar in Kennebunk (shisito peppers + tequila soda = my version of xanax) and my mom & dad (they are the best, and I just love ‘em the most for everything they do.)

Tessa: Starting a new job is never easy, so I'm especially grateful for the STIK team for welcoming me with open arms. It's been an exciting few months learning the ropes but I wouldn't have it any other way thanks to this group of smart, funny women. 

Oh and also, I’m VERY thankful for my new Hydro Flask water bottle because, #hydration.

Christina: I know it’s been said, but I’m the CKO so I can do what I want. I am seriously thankful for the STIK team. In the past year or so, we've grown so much, and I feel like I hit the jackpot with the team we've assembled at STIK HQ. I look forward to work every day because I have 6 built-in best friends (I know, I pay them to be my friends, but it's still great). Everyone is so enthusiastic about what we're trying to accomplish and that energy fuels me. Plus, we have so much fun - a very high percentage of my day is spent laughing. During the most stressful time of the year, which for me is selling hats during the holidays, I couldn't imagine life without these women.

Also, my new Spanx faux leather pants deserve a special shout out this year. I'm trying to avoid maternity pants throughout my pregnancy, but man, my jeans do NOT fit anymore! I have been living in my spanx pleather pants. They feel kinda fancy, and they hold me in but also let me breathe! I looove them and plan on buying multiple pairs - next up is the velvet edition. 

Happy Thanksgiving - we really, really love you guys!

The STIK Team

PS. Did you know we're having a Black Friday Sale?



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