The Must-Have Running Essentials for Cold Weather

The Must-Have Running Essentials for Cold Weather


The fall might be my favorite time of year to go out for a run. The temps tend to be cooler, the changing leaves make for some gorgeous scenery, and, let’s be honest, there’s a little extra motivation with the pending winter season. But those colder temps and earlier sunsets mean you have to to have the right stuff to stay warm and be safe. So I put together a list of my favorite running accessories for the fall and early winter.

1. I think I’ve talked about the FlipBelt before, but if you don’t have one of these you are missing out. This waistband can hold everything from your keys to your phone so you can focus on hitting your time or enjoying your time alone. I live by this thing - it doesn’t fall down and it securely holds everything you need.

2. ICYMI, our COO, Peter, came from New Balance, so when he joined the team, I made the move to these New Balance Sneakers. I have to be honest - I really love them. They are more supportive than any other running sneaker I’ve owned, and I like that they come in reasonable colors that you actually want to wear.

3. We all need the right kind of support and warmth , especially when it’s cold out. This CultureFit Sports Bra is super soft and supportive for all kinds of activity. For those days when you want to run and for the days when you just want to mom-walk...

4. Another one of my favorite accessories are these Trailheads gloves. I love that they are bright, so if you happen to be running in the dark, you’re visible to other people. I also am a big fan of the added mitten flap - I find that as it gets colder, it’s nice to have another layer on your hands, and you can always pull back the flap as you get warmer.

5. So fun story - I was lucky enough to own one of the OG Bliss headbands way back when Christina was knitting all of our products. I wore it on almost every fall/winter run I went on until it lost its legs after like 5 years. Now that we FINALLY launched the new Bliss Headband, it’s been my go-to running headband all fall, and I’m obsessed. It’s warm, but not too heavy, and once you get warmed up, you can always take it off and stick it in your FlipBelt!!!!

6. Everyone needs a great pair of leggings when it gets chilly. I love these LuluLemon Wunder Under leggings. Definitely my go to pair when the temps drop!

7. Ok - this may seem nerdy, but I don’t care. I live for a good shoe light in the fall, especially as it gets darker at night. To be fair, I’ve lived in the city for 8 years, so sometimes when it gets dark it can be a little unsettling. Now that I’ve been living in the burbs, it actually can get LEGIT dark, so having these Night Runner Shoe Lights has saved me from several sprained ankles.




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