5 Ways to Layer up This Fall

5 Ways to Layer up This Fall


Fall weather is COMPLICATED. One minute there’s a hurricane, the next it’s sunny and 75°. Especially with most activities being moved to the outdoors this year, you have to stay prepared for all meteorological possibilities with plenty of removable layers. I’ve got you covered (Literally!):

Everybody needs a jean jacket. This isn’t rocket science, it’s just the only rule of Fall. If you have yet to find the perfect one, you can check out these cute (but pricy!) options at Levi’s. If you want to live out your casual, lady lumberjack dreams affordably and sustainably, head to a thrift store men’s section! You’ll be in oversized outerwear heaven. Bonus points if you find a jacket with sherpa lining!

Whether you need to wrap yourself up like a burrito when the wind blows or you just need some extra neck coverage, the Pardy Wrap has got it all! You can dress it up or down, so you have some layers at every event from an outdoor wedding (Yes, there are color options to go with your dress!) to apple picking all day. 

For those windier days, you’ll need to bulk up. This Elliot Puffer Coat is both the pop of color of your dreams AND it will not let any of that cold air in (None of us are ready to entirely let go of our summer wardrobes just yet). Step up your streetwear game!

Give your legs a little love too with these corduroy pants! Corduroy is another under-appreciated Fall staple… serving you warmth AND style. While pants are not technically a layer, they give you the freedom of leniency up top. Keep the body heat in your corduroy and wear a summery top. Who’s stopping you? It’s Fall! Bring your Pardy Wrap just in case, though. :)

Leather jacket: on. Neck: warm. Arms: getting the perfect mix of coverage and breeze when Mother Nature is in her weird in-between phase. Don’t commit to a full turtleneck yet! Free your arms a bit to save yourself the sweat stains with a sleeveless version. Enjoy that outdoor dinner by the heat lamp that’s only heating up the right side of your body!





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