The STIK Teams Favorite Investment Pieces

The fall is here and its time to break out all the cozy clothes we put away for the summer. This means we get to see our long lost favorite sweaters, jackets, boots, and beanies once again for another season. Now, if your winters are anything like ours, we want winter products to not only last a lifetime in durability (because, blizzards!), but will keep us endlessly warm and cozy as the temps drop. Sustainability and high-quality materials are something we take very seriously here at STIK HQ. We want our beanies to carry with you season after season, year after year. In addition to our own STIK beanies, we have some other favorite investment pieces we’ve made over the years. Check them out below!

Claudia: One of my favorite investment purchases I made is my Marin Sweater from La Ligne. Despite how chunky it is I found that it’s not only a great winter sweater but also perfect for summer, too. It’s a multi-season staple making it one of my absolute favorite things to wear. It’s ridiculously soft and oversized, so it’s very comfortable to throw on. Plus I love the classic stripe pattern! This is something I’ll wear for manyyy years to come. 

Tory: These Sorel boots are my absolute FAVORITE part about winter. When I bought these, I was making like $6 in my first job out of college, so it was a stretch for me. But, boy did they pay for themselves. I still wear them to this day, and they are my favorite pair of winter shoes. They are super comfy and warm, but I love that they can dress up an outfit without looking like a heavy winter boot. PLUS, they have rubber bottoms, so you don’t have to worry about slipping on that nasty black ice. 

Sarah: I got these Vince Camuto Chelsea boots last year immediately after meeting a customer who was wearing them at one of our events (shoutout to her!) and I wore them at every opportunity last winter. It’s unlike me to make such a quick decision on a pair of leather boots, but I loved them so much, I just had to have them. My friends actually called me out for wearing them too often and planning all of my outfits around them. Even with all the wear and tear, the leather has held up incredibly well- they still look good as new.  Hands down my two favorite articles of winter clothing are these boots and my STIK hat.

Kismet: I underestimated Boston winters. When I moved here 3 years ago, I figured I was all set with a few extra layers and a scarf... I was quickly proven wrong. My first week kindly provided me with one of the worst Boston blizzards in recent years, so I was scarred enough to know I NEEDED to invest in a proper down-jacket. My Vince Camuto Parka and I have been inseparable ever since. I found mine on a hefty sale at Macy's back in 2017, but knowing how warm, lightweight, and durable it is, I would pay full price in a heartbeat. There is no possible way for cold air to leak through this jacket, even all these snow storms later. In negative temperatures, I can wear a tshirt underneath and still feel like I'm sitting next to a fireplace. If there's anything someone from the Northeast NEEDS... it is a no-nonsense down jacket. Faux fur on the hood to keep things sustainable, of course.

Tessa: Let me start out by saying that I am not a fast fashion girl. I truly weigh every purchase and think about the quality and use cases. I would much rather have less clothes in my closet, but have every item be high-quality and timeless. My Vince leather jacket for example - I bought this a few years ago and absolutely love it. Every time I put it on, I thank myself for investing in this piece because it goes with just about everything and you automatically look chic. This jacket is perfect for transitional weather (i.e. right now!), but it definitely works underneath a real coat in the winter as well. I know I'll continue to wear this for years and years to come, so the price tag is well worth it in my opinion!

The STIK Team


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