The Best Transitional Fall Accessories

What comes with the crisp fall air? Fall accessories! Fall is probably my favorite season to dress for because the weather is not too limiting and I love fall accessories. I had to have some serious self control not to get sidetracked writing this blog post and start shopping. Follow along for some of my favorite fall accessories- head to toe!

STIK’s Bliss Headband in Blush. Hands down the best women’s knit headband on the market. Bet you didn’t see that coming! But I seriously have been living in my Bliss Headband on chillier mornings and evenings. It’s perfect for any occasion so I’ve been throwing it on to run errands, go for a walk, and even with a cute outfit for outdoor dining. 

It’s time for me to trade in my very summery, go-to sunglasses for a pair more appropriate for Fall. I was instantly obsessed when I found The Diva AOX Sunglasses. They’re the perfect amount of everyday and fun and I love the colors in this tortoise pattern. 

Kitsch Cotton Face Masks. Discovering these masks was a game changer for me. They’re so comfortable, fit perfectly and I love the patterns that they offer. I actually get excited to put my mask on now that these are in my repertoire. 

I have my eyes on this Parker layering set from Gorjana. Layering necklaces has been trendy for a while, but this chain look is definitely in right now. This pair just really caught my eye!

I recently discovered this brand, Fait la Force (also known as Haiti Design Co.), who partners with small artisan groups in Port au Prince, Haiti to hand make beautiful leather goods. I love this Half Moon Midi Bag for Fall because you can hold it like a little purse, or use the strap for a cross body look. It’s simple, but unique and beautiful. 

Slip-on mules are a fall staple and Soludos just does it right with their Venetian Mule. They’re the perfect transition shoe for this time of year when I can’t quite get myself to wear boots yet. They literally go with everything- they can be paired with jeans, a long dress, or even a jumpsuit if you’re feeling crazy. 

What are your favorite accessories this Fall? Comment below!




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