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Like practically everyone else, the pandemic has slowed down my online shopping addiction and Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription, but there are some areas where I am still spending my mula: loungewear, outerwear, and everyday jewelry (oh and cute outfits for Campbell). A typical week for me used to include going to an office, in-person meetings, and dinners out with friends where I’d need things like shoes and bags - but now I pretty much live in leggings, socks, spit-up, and gold jewelry to spice it up. 

Lucky for me, I somehow managed to befriend the coolest people in Boston a few years ago: Megan and Moria Flynn, owners of M.Flynn. This friendship has not only proven to bring me a lot of joy, laughs, fun lunches and advice from fellow business owners, but it has also piqued my interest in jewelry brands that I never would have known of prior to meeting them. This is going to start sounding like a sponsored post… but it’s not!! It’s simply an ode to M.Flynn and an excuse to show off my jewels. 

NecklacesMegan and Moria have coined “neck mess” as a way to layer lots of necklaces. I do as I’m told and have quite a collection going! Gigi Clozeau 20” Necklace: I love this super dainty necklace for layering. It also looks beautiful and simple on it’s own, but I think it pairs beautifully with my Alexa Leigh 3mm Gold Ball Necklace. Alexa Leigh is having a major moment right now and I am all on board (see my wrist for more). I also wear a custom gold disk that was once on my grandmother’s charm bracelet. It’s a tradition in our family and now my mom has a bracelet of her own with her grandchildren’s initials, birthday, weight and length on disks. Now, with each new grandchild now comes a shiny new disk from M.Flynn. 

BraceletsYou guessed it! I have three Alexa Leigh Gold Ball bracelets that I keep on all day, everyday. I love how easy these are but also make me feel kinda fancy? As I mentioned, I am living in leggings, so “fancy” is relative. I also can’t leave out my Whoop - as far as fitness trackers go, I’d say this one is v sleek. Being a new mom, I have a love/hate relationship with it right now: it basically tells me I’m hardly getting any sleep and that I don’t work out enough… but that will change! 

RingsWhen it comes to rings, M.Flynn does the most beautiful and creative custom work. Not only did we design our wedding bands with Megan and Moria, but I also lucked out in redesigning an old diamond necklace I had into an extra infinity band. Highly recommend taking a look at your jewelry box and finding pieces that have value, but don’t fit into your current “style.” A heart-shaped diamond necklace that I got in highschool fit that bill. I took it to M.Flynn and they had it set it in a beautiful gold pronged band and I love it! I love reading their blog to get inspiration from other creations they’ve made! I also wear a BEAUTIFUL new sapphire ring on my right hand, which my husband designed with M.Flynn as my push present. 

Earrings: This is an area where I like to switch it up, although as I’m writing this, I think I might need to invest in a good pair of everyday studs. I obviously love wearing STIK earrings, but another brand I love is  Brinker and Eliza. I love the founders and think their statement earrings are great to dress up or down. 

Toe ringsJust joking!! 

What are your go-to pieces? I love making investments in staples that I will wear over and over again, and that aren’t super trendy. I don’t know about you, but whenever I buy something I think of the cost-per-wear. It might be a way for me to justify buying something, but I do tend to think about it … whether it’s a nice pair of jeans, jewelry, a winter hat… I want to purchase things that will last more than just a season! 


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