September Monthly Faves

September Monthly Faves

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Can you believe September is over?! This month flew by with many exciting things happening here at STIK HQ. We launched our Bliss Headband and the Yarn Pom Pom this month, which has really gotten us all in the mood for beanie season. Bring on the cold weather, October!

As always, we wanted to round up our favorite things from the month, we hope you enjoy September's edition of the STIK teams monthly faves!

Christina: As you might know from my recent Insta activity, my little family and I have relocated to New Hampshire for the fall and winter. We are taking advantage of working remotely and look forward to lots of hikes with Campbell this fall. My wardrobe has definitely changed a bit and I’m opting for warm long underwear over a new pair of boots this season. I love Wild Rye, I met the founder, Cassie, out in Sun Valley a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. Their base layers are made with 100% merino wool and are insanely warm and soft (sound familiar?!). I had been eyeing the Evie Raglan top and Jane Leggings, both in the Ranunculus pattern before our move. Now that I have them, I can’t wait to wear them all day, everyday. I’m really looking forward to my apres look this year - I think the dark purple tones will look great with a Bliss Headband by the fire! 

Kismet: This summer, with plenty of time on my hands to do some self-discovery, I accidentally realized that I have CURLY hair. My whole life I skipped conditioner in the shower, brushed out my mane every morning, and wondered why I was left with a puffy, frizzy mess. I was going through the absolute wrong routine for 21 entire years. My mom had tried the Maui Moisture Curl Quench & Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie and left it on my bathroom counter because it didn’t do much for her. I gave it a shot… I will never be the same. I left it on for a few minutes and rinsed it out like normal conditioner, air-dried my hair, and I had full Shirley Temple curls (completely natural!). This stuff is SO hydrating and helped me reveal my true identity to myself: a girl with a curly mane (who now smells like coconuts in paradise). Now that I’ve perfected the routine with the perfect amount of Curl Smoothie, this was my one true love of the month of September!

Tory: My favorite thing this month is actually not mine, but it’s the thing that’s made me smile and laugh the hardest this month. My mom bought my 2 year old daughter, Kennedy, this Maison Me sweatsuit from Maisonette, and it’s actually the cutest thing on the planet earth. The joggers and sweatshirt are sold separately - but I highly recommend getting both. I, personally, have been living in comfy matching sets for the last few months, so I guess it only made sense for Kennedy to have one of her own. 

Tessa - My September fav is a no brainer - my black lab pup George! It's been about 3 weeks since we brought him home, and it's been quite an adjustment (a very fun and rewarding adjustment!) to have a little puppy running around. My fiance and I both grew up with labs, but I never really understood how much work they can be when they're only a few months old. Luckily, he is SO cute and we love him so much so every accident or 2am wake up call is worth it! My favorite time of day with George is actually the early morning - he's very cuddly but also a little rambunctious and excited to play after being in the crate all night long. In case you can't tell, I am lovingggg my new role as a dog mom :)

Peter S: My favorite thing this month (and for the past 3 months) is having my daughter and son-in-law closer to home and with us from their home (temporarily) in Perth, Australia.  They are now on their way back, but what a huge blessing it was having this unexpected time with them.

Okay, I’m going to share one other fave.  I bought a MAC 8” Chefs professional knife from Japan.  I love it!  It’s so amazing how much better it is to work with a really sharp and quality knife.  Of course I had to also order a magnetic knife block to store it and I can now easily imagine more new knives in my future!

Sarah: My monthly fav this month is a huuuugely fun, tremendous trivia game that I recently got my hands on called Truth or Trump. The game is very simple- there are cards with quotes from Donald Trump himself mixed in with cards with quotes from other celebrities and you have to guess whether or not the (ridiculous) quote was actually said by Trump or someone else. These months leading up to the election are scary, stressful, and draining. It feels like each day we’re presented with a more upsetting piece of news than the day before. I promise you there is no better way to have a good laugh than by playing this game with a couple friends! PS. You can also make it a drinking game- even better ;).

Claudia: I honestly don’t think I’ve ever written about this fav of mine -- it’s actually of a favorite for me every month. The Morning Toast podcast is something I listen to pretty much every day. I love to listen to it while driving, on walks, or on runs. I actually find it makes the time go by faster on runs while listening to it. It's hosted by Claudia Oshry of @girlwithnojob and Jackie Oshry of @jackieoproblems and they break down the daily pop culture news in a hilarious fashion. They’re quick banter and wit is incredibly enjoyable to listen to and I usually find myself literally laughing out loud. If you like all things Bravo, The Bachelor, and really any kind of reality TV, the toast is for you.

Meg: My monthly fav is my daughter, Devon! Born on September 23rd -- we are so in love with her!

The STIK Team

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