Knitting Kit Videos

Thank you so much for buying a Quarantine Kit. We're so excited for you to take on this new hobby - we think you're going to love it!

We understand that some of you do not have access to Facebook, so we wanted to make sure all of the videos you need are easily accessible for you.

Please see the links below for YouTube videos of Christina’s mom teaching her to knit. Watching YouTube videos is how Christina learned to knit. She always found it helpful to be able to pause, rewind, speed ahead, etc. 

Here are the videos:

  1. How to Ball your Yarn:
  2. How to Cast On:
  3. How to knit:
  4. How to purl:
  5. How to increase a stitch:
  6. How to decrease a stitch:
  7. How to cast off:

We hope these videos are helpful. While we understand that you don’t have access to Facebook, we do want to reiterate that the Facebook Group is where we plan to answer questions about projects, share content related to learning how to knit, and come together as a community.

Happy Knitting!

The STIK Team