5 Awesome Female Owned Businesses in the Knitting World

5 Awesome Female Owned Businesses in the Knitting World

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At the core of our business is the beautiful art (and passion) that is knitting. Our team in Peru are professionals, but there is so much love and hard work that goes into each product. Around the world, many people share the love for knitting and have also created beautiful businesses out of love for the hobby -- the same way Christina started STIK. We wanted to highlight what some other knitting professionals (specifically this fabulous group of female business owners) are doing around the country. We hope you are inspired by these women the same way we are, and that you now have a new store you can shop online or locally at for your next project. A lot of these shops below offer not only knitting essentials, but many other tools to learn a new hobby. It’s never too late to learn something new! 

Amanda Hu, the founder of Hu Made, is not just a knitter. After graduating from RISD, she ventured into the textile industry, focusing on weaving and yarn dyeing. She hand-dyes and hand-paints her yarn using the most beautiful, vibrant colors. During this process, she also considers how the colors will look together once a pattern is knitted. In addition to her dyeing skills, Hu also is a bookbinder and a papermaker. She has taught workshops at 92Y and Japan Society, both in New York City. If you live in Manhattan, go check out one of her upcoming trunk shows! (Details on her website.)

Felicia Eve is the founder and owner of the Brooklyn yarn shop, String Thing Studio. This is not your typical yarn shop -- it is a place that truly fosters a creative community. Whether you are into knitting, weaving, crocheting, or have never touched needles before (don't worry, you can easily learn!), all are welcome into this beautiful studio. There is also a dreamy patio in the back of the shop where you can host private knitting parties, showers, birthday parties, or book clubs -- you name it! When you're in New York, you must check out this gorgeous BK store. 

Hilary Cerbin, owner of the yarn shop Nina Chicago, first got involved with the store in 2009 as an employee. Nina, the original owner of 13 years, then passed her store on to her long-time employee. Hilary continues Nina’s vision of a modern and contemporary yarn shop. Hillary herself loves to knit and even started to design her own patterns called Hilary’s Hues. Knitters of Chicago, this is a must to check out!

Virginia Johnson owns Cambridge's (MA), Gather Here. It's part yarn shop, part sewing studio, and part fabric store. They have experts to help you find whatever you need to get your project going. Plus, they even have sewing machines there so you can get right to work -- no need to wait until you get home to get those creative juices flowing! They also teach a variety of workshops, including sewing, knitting, crocheting, hand-embroidery and many more. Local Boston residents -- Gather Here a must for your next project. 

Amy Small is the founder and owner of Knit Collage, based in Boston, MA. Her company started because she had a passion for hand-spinning yarn, which is what Knit Collage sells now. The yarn she uses is primarily wool and mohair. In some designs the wool is spun together with little bits of ribbon, flower appliqués and sequins. Small now has a team in Punjab, India, who dyes and spins Small’s patterns. Additionally, the yarn is all hand-dyed -- so no two skeins are the same. 


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