5 Summer Dresses for All Occasions

I am the biggest proponent of dresses ever, they are truly the easiest way to look cute with zero effort. Not only are they perfect for any weather but I am going to prove to you that there is a dress for every occasion. Below I have created a list of dresses for different budgets, events, and styles… enjoy!

Depop has been my best friend during quarantine, I truly can’t thank it enough. If you don’t know what Depop is, it is basically an app for online thrift shopping. There are so many amazing shops on Depop that sell vintage clothing in all styles: y2k, 90s, e-girl vibes, and more. Whatever your style is, you can support a small business and shop sustainably. Here are a couple dresses (one and two) I have my eye on. 

This saffron colored smock dress is very “art girl meets friends for brunch and has an impromptu photo shoot.”. If you had one too many vodka crans on Saturday but scheduled mimosas with your friends on Sunday, I cannot think of anything more comfortable. It’s the perfect dress for when the thought of high-waisted denim jeans makes you really, really sad.

But you still want to look cute af, of course. I’m most likely not introducing you to anything new with this dress -- you’ve probably seen it 1935804 as you scroll through Insta. But this dress speaks for itself. “The Exercise Dress” by Outdoor Voices is kind of an iconic piece, complete with built in shorts and pockets -- it’s honestly the cargo shorts of the dress world (minus the ugly part). 

Boutique vintage stores can be so pricey (and in my opinion they also pay an unnecessary premium for the luxe SoHo storefronts). However, the happy medium between musky Goodwill, boutique vintage, and brand new Reformation is online vintage stores. I know I mentioned Depop earlier, but these stores are even a bit more curated. I’m currently into Mirth.co and coveting this gold dress.

This dress keeps it cool yet professional so you don’t have to sweat it in a full power suit. With the added bonus of sustainability, this dress is made out of Japanese GoWeave and is light and wrinkle resistant (despite all the sweating and sitting you might be doing). It’s especially cute when paired with slippers and your couch if you’re still quarantined at home. One more bonus: this dress is currently 65% off… 

I hope now you are all on the dress train with me. Think about it - no. pants. Whatever this summer is throwing at you, I assure you you can do it in a dress. What are you wearing all summer long?


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