6 Pairs of Overalls You'll Live in this Summer

6 Pairs of Overalls You'll Live in this Summer


Today I’m coming at you with another summer staple: overalls. As the name suggests you put in zero effort for these because they will go over… well, all. A sweater, a t-shirt, a tank top, a crop top, or if you’re feeling freaky - nada. Maybe don’t do the last one, or do. I can’t really control what you do. Moral of the story, if you’re looking for a cute, farm vibes, minimal effort outfit during the summer - overalls are the way to go. 

Lucy & Yak has a huge line of unisex “dungarees” made from corduroy, denim, and cotton. They have a dedication to fair wages and sustainable materials, while at the same time producing high quality, and might I say adorable clothing. Their overalls have unique tie front straps which I think separates them from being too farm-centric. The brand is constantly updating and improving the fit and style of their designs based off of customer feedback. So if you have something to say - they will hear it!

AMO is designed around the concept of love, the love you have for that perfect pair of jeans, the ones that only get better with every use. These overalls have the most deliciously relaxed fit I’ve ever seen. I can picture myself in these overalls: on the beach, eating grapes, the wind in my hair, and everything is right in the world. The price point is definitely on the higher end, but I’m guessing if you buy these overalls, you will never have to buy another pair. 

I thought I would add in a little twist with a jumpsuit since overalls are definitely not everyone’s vibe. If you’re still looking for the simplicity of a one-piece outfit, but a bit less casual, then this jumpsuit from House of Aama is where you need to be. The colors are so stunning and the embroidery detailing is so intricate that it makes my head swim. It is regal, comfortable, and stylish - if you need more I’m confused. 

It really wouldn’t be a Franny blog if I didn’t mention Depop. I can’t explain enough how painful the closure of thrift/vintage stores was for me, and Depop has been here for me during this difficult time. I promise you, the stiff, dark, denim overalls of your dreams live on Depop. Here are two short dungarees that I found today. But if these are gone, it only takes a few keyword searches to find what you’re looking for.

Alert: these extreme summer vibes overalls are on sale now - just saying. I can’t say how long they will last in stock, because well look at them. On top of the cute factor, Boyish also lists the positive impact they have made with each article of clothing. For example, these overalls have planted one tree, avoided 5.7 miles of emissions, diverted .1 pounds of waste from landfills, and saved 563.6 days of drinking water. Who doesn’t love making a positive impact as they strut down the street?

Okay, my last overalls aren’t really overalls… but a swimsuit! My mind was BLOWN when I saw these for the first time. The buckle detail on a swimsuit? Game. Over. I bought this suit last summer from Ookioh and I haven’t stopped receiving compliments since. The suit has held up insanely well this year due to the materials: a blend of recycled plastic fishing nets. This creates a fabric that is oil and sunscreen resistant, UV protective, and retains its shape. 

Now that you’re strapped in and buckled up for the summer, you are ready for anything - perfecting your tomato garden, outdoor brunch, or a day on the beach. Personally, I will be living in overalls this summer, and I highly recommend it. Thanks for listening to yet another one of my clothing/accessory rants!




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