A Breakdown of the Cutest Masks You Need Right Now

I have fully embraced the mask life, and have accepted that they are just a part of our daily routine now. Leaving the house? Don’t forget your phone, keys, and mask. Since they are so embedded in our daily habits now, I am now on the lookout for adorable masks. Pretty much every company is making some form of a mask, neckie, or bandana lately it’s almost hard to choose! So I have put together some of the cutest maks out there to help you not only stay safe, but also stylish.

Staud is selling masks in sets of three. They are using their leftover excess poplin fabric from their apparel line to create them. They’re machine washable and reusable, which is a win for sustainability. Plus, they look nice and breathable for summer.

Taylor Jay is making masks out of repurposed cotton made in Oakland, CA. They have different patterns and colors, but I personally love the two-toned ones. They are super soft, breathable, and machine washable! All very important details when picking out a mask. 

Cece Dupraz is making the cutest and cheekiest masks out there. They are handmade from unused canvas totes in their Marblehead, MA studios. I am obsessed with the lip one. Shoutout to Christina for introducing them to our team!

Summersalt has now added masks to their collection. Their masks are made with recycled materials and 100% cotton and come in sets of three. They also have adjustable ear loops so you can fit it to your head. 

Lastly, for those who want a more minimalist look, Vida is making solid color masks. You can get a single mask or up to a pack of 8 for a whole family. It’s made with two layers of 100% cotton for extra protection and also has adjustable straps to size it to your liking. 

Now, the hardest part about owning a mask is misplacing it. Step in, Leyland. Leyland is making mask lanyards for those of us who can’t remember where we put them. Whether you’re in the car, or out to eat, this lanyard will secure your mask around your neck so you’ll have it on you at all times. They come in many cute colors, but I am loving this peach color!



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