Gift Ideas for the New Mom (and Her Baby!)

Gift Ideas for the New Mom (and Her Baby!)

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This year my holiday wish list is full of new ideas, as I welcomed my baby, Campbell in April. I am having so many ideas on what to ask for, for both Campbell and myself (that may or may not include some matching outfits!). Babies are very fun to shop for, so I wanted to share some of my ideas below on what I plan to get her, but also what I plan to ask for myself. Take a look below!

Okay, I think there’s nothing more fun than matching with Campbell. It brings me SO much joy. If she’s not an overt-matchy-matchy-Mom like I am, perhaps matching behind closed doors will be up her alley. A matching PJ set from Roberta Roller Rabbit hits the mark - you can find them online at Whitney + Winston! For Mom + For Baby.

Campbell spent the first two months on this earth on my chest and under my ChappyWrap. It’s just the best blanket. The perfect size, so soft, easy to clean, and really great patterns. If you’re looking to treat baby more than mom, check out their Mini Collection! Such a great option for chilly stroller walks.  If you’re a first time buyer you can get 10% off using the code WELCOME10 at checkout!! 

If you’re like me (or any other human with a baby and an iPhone), your phone is now FULL of baby photos. I know I need to get some printed - either putting a book together or hanging some on the wall, but it’s almost overwhelming to know where to begin! A giftcard to Artifact Uprising might be just the incentive I need to get it going. Tips for dad: bonus points if you get something printed for her!!

Did I mention that I love matching? I promise, if you get this for the new mom in your life and her little, she will give you a big kiss AND she’ll get stopped on the street by everyone who passes these twinning duo’s. Check out STIK's Mommy + Me Bundle.

Some gifts, money can’t buy. Something that I’d love would be some “coupons” to use for some favors - this would be especially nice coming from someone who is NOT Dad as these things should be expected, not a gift. If you’re not feeling artsy, check out this listing on Etsy - you can print it out on Christmas eve for $3.00! Here are some ideas: 

  • 1 Hour Walk with Baby (treat mom to an hour alone - take that baby on a stroller walk!)
  • 30 minute backrub while watching her favorite show, 
  • Saturday Morning Babysitting (maybe mom could like go back to sleep or do a workout class or just take a long shower)
  • At-Home mani-pedi (please only offer if you are skilled at painting nails and will also hold the baby while mom’s nails dry) 
  • Make the family dinner! Come over, pour M+D a glass of wine and treat them to a home cooked meal

I think I’m going to get carried away if I keep making this list! You get it - just throw out creative gestures that will make the mom in your life feel loved! 



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