Holiday Gift Ideas for the New Dog Owner

I’d say we all know at least 5 people who got a new furry best friend to keep them company during quarantine this year. I am one of those people! In one month I have experienced a lifetime with this dog, and I know your friends & family who also got dogs can attest to the fact that good doggy products make the process a whole lot easier. Give them the gift of ease so that they can enjoy their new best friend instead of stress about them! Here are some ideas:

Working from home, taking classes from home, cooking, cleaning, dog-walks… At the end of these long pandemic days, I definitely don’t have the time to teach my puppy to do much of anything (Accidentally taught him how to sit, though!). A gift certificate for a virtual training session with one of the best dog-training schools in the country is a gift of taking weight off of your loved-one’s shoulders! Sirius offers a plethora of classes like Puppy Kindergarten, Tricks, Redirecting Rowdy Behavior, and more. Check out their full class option list here, but note that gift certificates can be applied to any classes and they never expire! 

I can almost guarantee that the puppy in question has bitten through their leash by now. Time for an upgrade! House of Dogge has these VERY stylish leashes that will give the dog and their owner some serious street-cred. All materials are sustainable & non-toxic, even the unique bamboo handle that can be worn on the owner’s wrist when they need to be hands-free on a walk. The founder of HOD used to be a Design Director at Nike, so she kinda knows what she’s talking about. Also… Oprah said House of Dogge products were some of her favorite in 2020? Talk about street-cred! 

Dogs get cold too! Puppies take an especially long time to do their business outside because they are so distracted by their surroundings (Cars are VERY interesting), so there’s a much higher chance of them catching a chill. Give the gift of doggy warmth! This puffer vest in light blue is a classy addition to a puppy’s wardrobe with easy snap buttons in the front (It’s hard to keep a puppy still, so the easier, the better!). Just make sure you find out the puppy’s measurements before you order… This may ruin the surprise aspect, but it’s still adorable. 

These holiday treat bundles make ME hungry. Training can be a nightmare, but if a dog has a variety of delicious, healthy, all-natural motivators, things are a little simpler. This treat bundle comes with eight different yummy 6-10 oz. packages of treats. PB & Blueberry, Mud Pie Oh My, Sunday Roast… the dog-owner you get these for will thank you, but their dog will WORSHIP you. These ingredients are safe and high-quality. Only the best for human’s best friend! Bocce’s also has plenty of other holiday treat bundles with a wide range of price options if you need something a little smaller. 

I am such a sucker for a dog in a bow tie. This red velvet one from The Foggy Dog is so classic, but they have plenty of adorable pattern and color options to go with all coats. The bow tie slides right onto most standard collars, but If you’re feeling generous, there is also a matching velvet collar so that the pup can be fully decked out for their holiday greeting-card photoshoot. All of The Foggy Dog’s products are made sustainably and ethically in the U.S.A, so you and the new dog-owner in your life can feel good about your gift-giving. 



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  • Brooke McGowan

    Awwww yay!!! Getting a puppy in three weeks so this is fantastic! Thank you!

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