It's Wedding Season!

It's Wedding Season!

What’s better than beanie season? I know this feels like a trick question because nothing is better than beanie season. But we’re here to tell you that there is another time of the year that we love ALMOST as much. And the answer is, obviously, Pardy Wrap season.

For anyone who is new here, you might be wondering when, exactly, Pardy Wrap season takes place. The truth is that our Pardy Wraps are great for any time of year, but they really shine during wedding season. This is really due to the fact that our Pardy Wraps were literally MADE for a wedding. Christina’s wedding, to be exact. 

a brief origin story

Once upon a time... (don’t worry this story does have a happily ever after)... way back in 2018, Christina was gearing up to marry the love of her life. In the process of planning, she decided that she wanted to create something really special and unique for all of her bridesmaids. Given that she was already working with an incredible team of knitters in Peru, it was a no brainer to tap into their expertise to create the perfect bridesmaid accessory. Enter: The Pardy Wrap.

Needless to say, Christina’s wedding day was perfect, and her bridesmaids looked amazing. See above pic for photo evidence of the OG Pardy Wrap in green. The wraps came out so well that Christina thought it might be fun to add a few to her product line., and as they say, the rest is history.

So back to wedding season…

So why does this matter? Well, Spring is coming and according to Wedding Wire, the majority of nuptials take place between June and October. So whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest of the festivities, you’re likely gearing up for a variety of wedding related activities in the next few months - bridal showers, bachelorette parties, actual weddings! Regardless of your role in all of these activities, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into all of events like this. Trust me, I know - I got married in 2015 (so brides - I feel you) and I’m now facing a five-wedding summer; two of which I’m a bridesmaid in. Consider this my diary.

To help you navigate the complexities and chaos of wedding season, we’re excited to officially launch STIK’s first ever wedding month! For the month of March, we’ll be sharing all kinds of wedding-related content. Consider this our theme for the month - we’ll talk planning for brides, gifting for wedding guests, and styling for bridesmaids. We’ll even all give our best and worst wedding advice. It’s all happening here and we’re kicking it off NOW!

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