Our Monthly Favs - April Edition

It’s pretty rare that we say this, but the month of April flew  by, and thank you to everyone who made that happen! I’m pretty sure I speak for the whole team when I say our collective fav this month is our amazing knitting community. We may love to be cheesy, but it is so true when we say that you are all the most wholesome place on the internet, so thank you! With that being said, it may have gone fast but it hasn’t been an easy month for anyone on this planet. These are some of the things that have helped us to get through it:

Tory: I’m typically one of those rulebreakers who washes her hair every day, despite desperately always wanting to be one of those “I’m on Day 47 of not washing my hair” people. It’s just never been in the cards for me. BUT, I found out this month that all hope is not lost. I started following Justin Anderson, hair stylist to all of your favorite blonde celebrities, after he started appearing on my guilty pleasure TV show, Very Cavalleri on E! (CAN WE TALK ABOUT JAY AND KRISTIN GETTING DIVORCED?! So heartbroken for them!!!) Anyways, Justin has created a line of amazing products called dpHUE, and it’s like they knew I needed to try their Apple Cider Rinse, because it was stalking me everywhere I went. So I pulled the trigger and it WORKS! Fingers crossed, I might be able to pull off *gasp* two days without shampooing!!!

Sarah: As seen in my Comfy Clothes Bible blog, I had my eyes on these Ugg Oh Yeah slipper slides to rock around my house during “The Q.” Well, I didn’t treat myself to just any pair, but I got the bright yellow, “margarita,” color. My family thinks they’re absolutely ridiculous, but they are, hands down, my favorite thing this month. They make me so happy every single time I put them on. Plus, despite not having a full top, they’re actually the perfect slipper because they keep your feet warm and protect them from the cold floor, but they don’t make your feet sweaty like other slippers.


This month's fave is none other than...comfy clothes! It's been a minute since I've worn pants with a button or a real top for that matter, because why would you if you had this sweatshirt and matching pants? Joie nails the sweatsuit - it's so soft, loose and breathable without being baggy, and quarantine chic. Plus, I'm a sucker for grey (dare I say it's my favorite color??), particularly groufits, so it was pretty much guaranteed I would love this set! It's currently 40% off on the Joie site so no better time than now to purchase if you want to be cozy and look cute. 

Claudia: Over the last few weeks of staying inside I have reorganized and redecorated my entire room (several times). I realized I was missing something from my room and that I really needed some greenery. I had been getting Instagram ads from Bloomscape so I decided to check them out.  They help you find the perfect plant for you AND they deliver your plant already potted and ready to go. For me, I wanted plants that didn’t need lots of sunlight and required very little maintenance. Now I have two gorgeous plants, the Peperomia Ginny  and Bird of Paradise. I highly recommend Bloomscape if you need a little plant life in your room, too!

Meg: I can’t believe I waited this long to get a Dyson vacuum. Over the past five years I’ve been using a hand-me-down vacuum that worked fine - so I never thought to get an upgrade. I’m kicking myself for not ordering one sooner. The Dyson is lightweight, wireless and dummy proof - it makes cleaning up messes simple and dare I say - fun? Okay, I won’t go that far, but the easability has made the act of cleaning up a frequent - sometimes daily - occurrence. To keep up with the geeky appliance theme - my second monthly fave is my simplehuman trash can. Okay I’m done, I’m officially “over the hill.” 

Franny: After purchasing some comfy clothes from Alo Yoga, I was pleasantly surprised with the gift of 30 days of Alo Moves free. This is Alo Yoga’s at home workout video series. I am so impressed by the platform and the content, I cannot get enough. I have tried so many at home workout video series during this quarantine - Corepower, Peloton, YouTube videos, Nike Training Club, running, etc. but I think I can confidently say Alo Moves has been my fav. I love how personalized it is, in the beginning you take a quiz to figure out your favorite type of exercise, instructor, and body part to work and every day they suggest a series of three videos. It makes it unbelievably idiot proof and I can mindlessly just log on and start my yoga flow without planning or preparation. So maybe go buy those joggers you’ve been eyeing and get the added bonus of Alo Moves. 

What are some of your fave things from April? Share in the comments!


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