Pick a hat, any hat...

Pick a hat, any hat...


We know that colder temps mean we get to see STIK hats pop up all over the place. For those of you who own one (or more) of our hats, you know how cool it is to see someone wearing a Sh*t That I Knit hat in the wild. It goes something like this:

  • First, you notice the hat - “Woah,” you think to yourself. “That’s a great hat...and that pom pom looks SO real.”
  • Then you spot our girl on the orange label…“OMG. It’s STIK. She knows STIK!!!! Do you think she notices my STIK? Should I talk to her? Would she think I was weird...probably..hmm.”
  • After a few attempts to try to catch your new friend’s eye, you think, “Should I accidentally bump into her and comment on her hat? Should I give her some kind of “Jeep Wave” so we both know that we are part of the STIK Clique? Christina says she chases after people and yells ‘I love your hat’ at them. Should I do that?”
  • Now you feel like it starting to get weird. You should just give up. “She’s probably way cooler than me anyway,” you think.
  • And just when you think it’s over, you and your new friend lock eyes and she smiles at you with a “Hey - love your hat” vibe and you go your separate ways; feeling better about your day and knowing you just made a cool, no bs new friend.

I realize now that I’ve written this out that this is in no way what happens when you see someone else wearing a STIK hat...but wouldn’t it be cool if that’s how the world worked? Let’s try it - next time you see a friend wearing a STIK hat, try this out. Prizes for pictures...let’s make each other feel cool and special!

For those of you who do not have a STIK hat, really want to be part of this cool new trend, but have no idea where to start on buying yourself a new hat, we’ve got you covered. The STIK team has put together real life reviews of our fav hats. It goes without saying that ALL of our hats are fantastic and each of them offer a unique look, but if you need a place to start, this will help. Check em out below:

Christina - So Christina is on her honeymoon and, frankly, we don’t want to bug her while she’s enjoying tropical drinks on the beach. But, to be honest, Christina loves all of our hats. We can attest to the fact that she has one of each style and wears them all regularly. Currently, Christina’s been rocking the Gunn Beanie In White Lie with a Light Blue fom fom and the Motley in Lavender with a Light Blue fom fom. And let’s be honest, she looks fab in both. So - she MAY have a favorite, but she’d never tell…

Tory - Decisions, decisions! So, I have 3 STIK hats - and I’m actually also the proud owner of a now vintage STIK headband (which I love). My hat collection includes a Laird in White Lie, a Gunn in Blacklist, and a Motley in Cardinal. TBH - it’s REALLY hard to choose a favorite out of this list. Until recently my go-to has been the Motley in Cardinal. I wear a lot of neutral colors in the winter, so having a pop of color on my head brings me life. I also just love the way the Motley fits my head. It’s snug in all the right places, and it’s just the right amount of slouch for my style. BUT I recently got a gorg burnt red wool coat from RTR (which I’m getting a LOT of wear out of), but unfortunately, the color clashes with the cardinal. SO I’ve been sporting the Gunn in Blacklist and am loving it. It’s warm, and makes me feel as cool as Kristin Cavallari (who also happens to have this hat!!!!)

Kandi -  CHOICES, CHOICES! Sophie’s choice if you will. How does one pick a favorite child?! Very carefully. My everyday look as of late has been the Motley in Cardinal. I look good in red. My winter jacket is black. It is tres chic! My favorite hat while I’m running around town is the Ladd in Blacklist with a natural fom fom. I love the contrast of the black with natural. When I’m hanging with friends and/or really feeling myself, I love the Gunn in Lavender with a light blue fom fom. (We have all been loving the look of the light blue pom in the office.) Sometimes, I put the light blue pom on my cardinal motley, and it makes me feel a bit like Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the best way and it brings me SO much joy. I guess I have a great head because of all the hats fit beautifully. #BLESSED

Sarah - MAN OH MAN, how can I choose?!? I’m VERY indecisive so I change my mind about which hat is my favorite everyday. Weirdly enough, the Laird is my favorite stitch, but I don’t actually own one yet...I love the chunkiness of the Laird and think it just looks so beautiful on. As for hats that I do own, I rotate my 4 favorites throughout the week. The Motley in Pink is what I like to call my ~Friday vibes~ hat. I throw it on when I’m really feelin’ myself or even when I need a little pick-me-up in the morning. The Motley is a dependable, cozy, fit. During the NFL playoffs, I almost strictly wore the Pats Hat because I’m superstitious like that. Recently, my go-to hat has been the Gunn in Cardinal or the Gunn in White Lie with a light blue pom, depending on my outfit. I like the way the Gunn sits on my head with just right amount of slouch. I also like that it has a pretty unique fit to all the other hats in the world.  

So there you have it - the quick and dirty on what we love and why. We need to reiterate, you can’t go wrong with any of our hats. They are warm, cozy, and offer you the opportunity to meet new friends in the dregs of winter...what’s better than that?!


The STIK Team


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