Rock out with us

Rock out with us

Playlists… the new mixtapes, but arguably they pack just as much heat. We all (should) remember painstakingly burning songs onto our cassette tapes - illegally or otherwise. Or maybe you were lucky and your boyfriend made you a mixtape with “Our Love” written in sharpie on it. Inevitably with classics such as “Kiss on My List” by Hall & Oates and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. 

Luckily things are a lot easier now and a lot less cringey. So with that being said, here’s my hot take: stop listening to the same album over and over again and make a meaningful playlist. Creating the “perfect” playlist for a specific event can be a lot of pressure, and maybe that has put you off. The type of playlist I’m talking about however, is not an event playlist. People do that for a living, okay? It's called being a DJ. 

I’m trying to suggest more personal, seasonal playlists. I truly believe there is something universally magical about music. Personally, I like to create a playlist each season, and if I really get extra, each month. To be honest, they don’t always go together or follow a specific “mood” or genre or “vibe.” I simply add whatever I’ve been into that month, and maybe some seasonal favs. I promise it’s so easy, and if you are a Spotify listener (if you’re not I no longer trust you) they even suggest songs based on what you’ve already added so that you can find new music too.

Now here is the best part, these playlists become time machines and it can be quite emotional. If you are anything like me, you listen to music a lot, like all the time. On your way to work, while you cook, while you fold laundry, while you workout, always. And if it’s the same songs again and again, they will start to attach themselves to that time period. This way when you go back and listen months later, you are eerily transported to the emotions, settings, and events you had while you listened. 

Next month is Women’s History Month, and we are nothing if not women supporting women here at STIK, so let’s celebrate! We’ve created a March playlist for the ladiez, okay? This is a playlist to pump you up on your way to a workout, to inspire you to send that boy that text, to check yourself out in the mirror and take some great selfies. And guess what, it’s collaborative, so if you like what you hear and you want to share something too, add whatever you are feeling. Just keep it positive and uplifting! No weird, sh*t on this playlist.



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