STIK Team August Monthly Favorites

STIK Team August Monthly Favorites

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The end of August is both a sad reminder and a happy reminder. Sad because summer is coming to a close, but happy because that means beanie season is approaching(!!). Another end to a month means another roundup of the STIK team's monthly favorites. Take a look at what we all have been loving this month! 

Christina: During this COVID-era, the only way the Pardy family has been socializing has been at outdoor dining locations. Sometimes the outdoor patios are fully booked and you’ve got to set up your own picnic on the Esplanade, the park, the beach, or your front stoop. With this in mind, I got Alex this NEMO Victory Blanket for our anniversary in June. We’ve been using it all summer long and we really love it. It’s waterproof on one side (great for dewy grass or a slightly damp beach), soft on the other, easy to wash, and neat to fold up. I have never been a blanket-at-the-beach type of a girl, but I have to say, I really prefer it now to a bunch of towels - it seems to center the group and just be less sandy! Plus, I did my research before buying and it was top-rated on The Strategist, so if you don’t trust me… trust them!! 

Tory: This is very off-brand for me because I am not a cook, but my fav thing this month has been our Sous Vide. My husband is the cook in our family, and he shares his passion with my uncle - they text constantly about the meal plans and wild food adventures. And when my uncle found out we didn’t have a Sous Vide, he literally overnighted one to our house mid-Quarantine. In short - this machine allows you to cook literally anything in water by heating it to the perfect temperature. It’s like a liquid slow cooker. And boy, does this thing work. The sous vide cooks the best meat I’ve ever had in my life. Recently, we’ve been “sous-viding” chicken breast (literally salt + pepper raw chicken breast, vacuum seal it, and drop it in the water for 2-3 hours) and using the chicken all week for salads, sandwiches, etc. We’re obsessed!

Franny: This month I’ve been doing a deep cleaning and minimal redecorating of my room. My big project has been taking the very (in my mind) adult leap from a wall of polaroids and printed out pictures of my friends to a wall of framed art prints… Needless to say, I feel seriously cool. Anyways, one of my favorite prints is from this artist on Etsy called Nyanza D. All the prints are hand-drawn and digitally edited, then processed on silk paper. I got this print called Witchy Lil Girls, and it is seriously cute and funky. If you are looking for some fun art, I highly recommend checking her out on Instagram or Etsy!

Claudia: My favorite thing this month has been an oil I purchased from Living Libations. It’s both a facial cleanser and oil (it can also be used on your body, not just face!). So you can use it in two ways, and it actually isn’t too pricey! It’s called “Best Skin Ever,” so I have high hopes for this one. I love the retro-inspired packaging, too. Plus, it’s all clean products, meaning organic and toxic-free. 

Meg: My monthly fave is the GoCleanCo Instagram handle, which is run by a group of professional cleaners in Canada. This Instagram gained popularity at the start of the quarantine when people were spending all their time at home and realizing there was a big difference between a surface level clean and a deep clean **raises hand**. It took me until now to not be totally overwhelmed by the videos and tips and embrace the fact that yes - I probably do need to clean the inside of my washing machine (among many other things). Pro tip - follow the account for the IG highlights and IG stories more so than the in-feed posts. They have everything saved down from bathroom cleaning tips, to laundry stripping, to walls and floors. And the best part is that they're teaching us how to clean with a few very basic products - such as their favorite solution of hot water + powdered tide + bleach. Makes it feel easy!

Sarah: After a Quarantine of living with my 29-year-old, White Claw-loving brother, I think I’d be ok if I never drank a White Claw again. My favorite discovery this month has been Lover boy Sparkling Hard Tea. If you’re a Summer House fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of Kyle and Amanda’s latest venture. After my best friend told me I had to try these things, I started seeing them all over social media (shout out to @drinkloverboy’s Instagrammable aesthetic). When I finally got my hands on a pack, I was instantly obsessed. My favorite flavor is the Hibiscus Pom. I love that Loverboys are a sweet (ish), light, canned drink that’s not too bubbly and doesn’t taste like a hangover. 

What are some of your monthly favorites from August? Let us know in the comments. 


The STIK Team

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