The Best Beanie for Hiking (& Other Essentials)

The Best Beanie for Hiking (& Other Essentials)

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Hiking is one of our favorite outdoor activities, even more so during the pandemic. Hiking is great for not only our bodies but minds, and is an amazing way to escape the city. Not too far from Boston are incredible hiking trails with breathtaking views. By no means are we experts, but over time we have learned that there are some key essentials to bring on any hike. 

Our top five hiking essentials are:

1.  Good hiking shoes - we like these Merrell hiking boot
2.  A large, full water bottle - our favorite is a Hydroflask
3.  Nutritious snacks - an apple & peanut butter or GoMacro Bars are extremely convenient and satisfying 
4.  A mini first aid kit - this Welly one is compact and has all the necessities
5.  Lots of layers - a Patagonia fleece & STIK Rutherford Beanie are essentials


While our list may seem self explanatory, we’ve forgotten to bring enough layers on too many occasions. It doesn’t matter how warm or sunny it is at the bottom of the mountain - we can guarantee that it will be freezing at the top. We've found layering to be so important because of the intense temperature differences during a hike. The Rutherford Beanie is the best beanie for hiking because it is warm, yet breathable. It is also incredibly comfortable and protects against the wind and other harsh conditions.  Not to mention, The Rutherford Beanie is the perfect combination of style and function. 

If you love hiking too, be sure to tag us on Instagram wearing your Rutherford Beanie and use #STIKintheWild. Let us know your hiking essentials & favorite trails. Happy hiking!!!

The STIK Team

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