The STIK Team's Holiday Wishlist

The STIK Team's Holiday Wishlist


I can’t believe it - it’s our last gift guide! It has been such a blast writing all of these. Selfishly, it’s been pretty great for us because we’ve done a lot fo research and gotten a LOT of holiday shopping done early! (The virgo in me is very proud of this kind of preparation and organization.) Plus, on top of that, all of your messages telling us how much you love this content have made us so, so happy. We love that we can inspire your holiday shopping and make you laugh with a few jokes all at once - it’s truly the greatest gift we could receive.

That said, each of us do happen to have a few, more material items on our wishlist (you know, in addition to the joy and love from our readers and customers.) So for our last gift guide, we formally present: The STIK Team’s Holiday Wishlist.

Tory: Really hoping I’m on the good list this year! I’ve been coveting these Jenni Kayne Lounge Sneakers since the summer, when I saw them on my fav influencer - Jacey Duprie. I try to do everything Jacey does because I just think she’s super cool (she also has some great gift guides!) Ultimately, I convinced myself I didn’t really need ANOTHER pair of shoes. Alas, it’s been four months, and I still can’t stop thinking about them. So they are on TOP of my Christmas list. Following these sneaks are some self-care related gifts that I feel I need after the craziness of the holidays. I love these Trish McEvoy Instant Solutions Triangle of Light Eye Masks - they perform miracles, and I desperately need an eye mask miracle. Finally, I think it’s time for me to jump on the jade roller bandwagon - I think I’m the only person on the planet that has never “jade-rolled” their face, so I think it’s time. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Clem: One thing I've been secretly wishing for years is a terrarium. I've always loved how pretty they were, and if I could make one myself, that'd be even better! I'm a plant lover, sadly plants don't seem to like me back and they *almost always* die around me. Great thing about terraria is that plants inside need little care, or no care at all if they're in a closed terrarium, so that's perfect for a girl like me! I feel like getting a terrarium kit and being able to make my own decoration would be a great personal accomplishment and fun to make. Plus, it's super cute and pretty unique! 

Christina: So if you didn’t see it on instagram yet  - I’m pregnant!!! My husband and I are super excited to welcome a new baby in April of 2020. We feel so lucky, and (not to be SO cliche) it’s definitely the best gift I could ever receive. That said, I’m getting to a point where I need some clothing with a little...give. When we were in NYC, Tory and I stopped by the Hatch Collection store and I identified these Hatch Denim Overalls that I now am really coveting. They are definitely on the pricier side of things, but if I’m going to grow a human, I deserve to be comfy and look cute. One other item I spotted in NYC is this Stoney Clover Customized Classic Large Pouch. So fun - and you can customize it!

Tessa: To be honest, I haven't even thought about Christmas gifts for myself yet. I'm always so last minute which annoys my mom to no end every year, but I can't help that I'm a procrastinator in this area! That being said, I have been eyeing Mejuri's Zodiac Necklaces. I love that the designs are a bit different and it wouldn't be totally obvious to the average person that I'm repping my sign (I'm a Pisces for the record). I'm a big Mejuri fan, so this is a great piece to add to my collection!

Claudia: This year for Christmas I’m asking for Spanx Faux Leather Leggings - all of my co workers have them so it’s time to hop on the band wagon. I’m also hoping for the Via Spiga Sanora boots. I realized I only have trying to change it up a bit for 2020!!

Meg: This is a really practical gift but I've been living in my Lululemon Align pants on the weekends. They are SO SOFT and just overall the most comfortable leggings I own. I'm eyeing the camo, navy, and classic black this holiday season to really up to my athleisure game. 

Sarah: Back by popular demand, it’s The Carry-On in Navy from Away. So this was also on my list last year, but Santa didn't quite get the message. This year, I have sent him the link and I'm pretttty sure he’s building it as we speak. I am that embarrassed girl, red-faced and sweating, trying to shove her overstuffed suitcase into the overhead bin on the plane. Because everyone I know owns this suitcase, I am confident that it 1 - will fit my overpacking needs because it magically fits more than other suitcases and 2 - will easily fit in every overhead bin I encounter. Plus, I can finally feel like a trendy traveler with my "Away"!

Also, not sure you noticed, but self-care is on trend lately at STIK HQ. I’ve had like 2 massages in my life and each time they've been absolutely amazing. Ever since things started to get a lil crazy at STIK in late October, I’ve been looking forward to a niiiice relaxing massage post-Christmas. Treat yo self! 

Thanks for reading our 2019 Gift Guides! Happy Holidays everyone! 

Tory + The STIK Team


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