Workouts to try while you're stuck inside

Workouts to try while you're stuck inside

Anyone else feel like they’re well on their way to gaining the quarantine 15? It’s like all of my fairly healthy eating habits have got completely out the window, and I’m resorting to a diet of Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Dip and jelly beans. Not together obviously but like, just those two foods. No? Just me? 

Well, regardless of whether you’ve maintained your discipline about your food intake during all of this or you’ve turned Kraft Mac and Cheese into a main food group, you’re probably feeling a little antsy and ready to move around a little bit. It’s hard to do when you’re stuck in your house and you can’t go to your fav in-person class or gym. But lucky for all of you, I have a kid, and when you have a kid, it’s really hard to leave and go to the gym or a class. So for the last 2 years, I’ve been working out from home. 

I’ve tried a lot of fitness apps - from barre classes to dance classes to intense strength classes. I’ve done the leg work (literally), so I thought it would be fun to share some of the apps I’ve tried (and a few I plan on trying) during this whole “situation.” (I’ve decided to call this a situation because quarantine is really easy to misspell and I’ve been typing it a’s a whole thing, so it’s a “situation”.)

Anywho - here’s a rundown of some workout apps I’ve tried and like, some that I plan to try, and some super free content that has also been great!

What I’ve tried and liked

No, you do not need a bike or a treadmill to use the app. I HIGHLY recommend downloading this right now. You can do strength, cardio, yoga and meditation classes. A lot of the classes are offered with bodyweight only, so you don’t even need weights. Plus they are offering a 90 day free trial of the app right now, which is a sweet deal. 

Obe Fitness
Offers a variety of barre, pilates, strength and DANCE classes. More of a fun option - you’re guaranteed to look like a crazy person while doing the dance workouts, but they are a total blast. They offer a free trial - cha-ching!

Nike Training
This is definitely a bit more strength focused, but the app is easy to use and you can get a bunch of the workouts for free. Obviously if you want to dish out a little dough, you can get more premium content, but the workouts are easy to follow and very effective.

What I’m planning to try

Lauren Hefez 28 day movement plan
Lauren is a Boston-based barre instructor who puts together some of the best barre classes on the planet. I’ve taken her in-person classes MANY times, but she’s recently launched this 28-Day Movement plan which includes classes, access to your youtube channel and a plan to keep you moving. I know it will be the best $12 I will spend during this “situation.”

Melissa Wood Health 
Another option for barre classes that I plan on trying. Melissa is a very well-known instructor that lots of celebs and influencers swear by. She offers a 7 day free trial, and a couple of different payment options. 

I just downloaded this last night, and I’m already impressed with the user experience of the app. It’s free to download and you get a personalized, dynamic workout plan. Going to try one of these workouts tonight, and I’m V excited.

FREE workouts you can get on Insta

Tom may be leaving Boston, but he’s still the GOAT in my mind. TB12 has been sharing lots of quick workouts on his insta lately, and I’m here for it

Anna Kate is one of Meg’s good friends from college, and she’s been going live on insta with her Burn Beat class. It’s a mix of cardio and sculpt, and according to Meg, it’s a great workout.

These guys are intense, but they train some of the biggest celebs and models around. They’ve been sharing IG Lives with some GREAT at home workouts.

Alright team - there you have it. If I do all of these workouts, I better come out of this “situation” looking like Heidi Klum. Keep us posted on what you like and what you don’t like in the comments below. Also if you have more recommendations - PLEASE let us know!


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