Your Labor Day Weekend Outfits for Every Occasion

Your Labor Day Weekend Outfits for Every Occasion

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Somehow we are approaching Labor Day Weekend. I don’t know about you, but the summer just flew by. I am not a huge believer in that wearing white ends on Labor Day, but if you are a firm believer -- this is also officially the last weekend to wear your summer whites! Before we venture into beanie season, I wanted to give you some helpful outfit tips for LDWD no matter what you are doing for it. 

If you’re going to a restaurant for LDW it’s most likely going to be outside. I love a maxi dress, especially because it’ll keep you a little warmer on chilly nights. I love this one from English Factory. Plus, why not wear white on Labor Day? I also love these yellow sandals from Sam Edelman for a hint of color -- plus a block heel is always much more comfortable. Top it all off with the Clementine Earrings in Navy and you have yourself an outfit!

For a beach picnic, you’re most likely going to be sitting on the ground so you’ll want very comfortable pants on. These LemLem ones are adorable and on sale! Pair them with an easy beach sandal like these classics from Rainbow. The Freestyle Sweatshirt from Alo in Blue Moon actually goes perfectlyyyy with the pants. This is a cozy beach outfit you’ll definitely be warm enough in.

For a backyard BBQ, you have to dress a little more practical since grass is involved. Plus you want to stay warm enough, so throw on some Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans, with a white t-shirt, and a Pardy Wrap you’ll be good to go! Add some Rothy sneaks for a final touch. 

Let’s be honest. Sometimes you actually don’t want to do anything. Maybe you want to stay home, watch the Bachelor GOAT re-runs (because, Monday), and order pizza. In which case, say hello to the ultimate LDW sweatsuit from Pangaia. The Recycled Cotton Trackpants and the Recycled Cotton Hoodie.


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